Friday, May 11, 2012

Gay's Rights As Civil Right And Blacks In America

I would like to open this discussion on the fact that Gay's Rights Are Civil Right. Also, the Blacks in America issue by starting with what my wife said.  She stated that, "I realize that gay rights are human rights and that is more important than anything. People should not have prejudice and discriminate against any HUMAN for their beliefs and Gays should have rights just like anyone.  We have to work beside gays and straights and to tell you the truth, I have seen most good things about the gay community, such as, responsibility, respect, and they are amongst the highest educated and hard working people in this society, bringing so much to the table. I don't like the fact that Black people are being looked at to hate on gays because to tell you the truth if you want to give an overall rating to Blacks, Blacks have many more improvements to make to their culture they represent, but.not all Blacks are against Gays. It is not right for the media to speak for a whole race of people. The media is portraying it that way, so blacks can revolt or even make it seem that it is true. They have been cutting the truth from day one. I'm not apart of that. It is not intelligent to proclaim that a whole race is against something, when in fact, there are a lot of Blacks who are of the Gay community. Just like abortion, Gays are not the true problems in America, mental poverty is. Too many blacks are segregating themselves if you want the truth and that is more of an issue in this society. If we look at it on a real basis, being Gay has no effect on another person. Blacks were recently given rights just to be who they are, ''Black.'' They could not change their color for the society who was against them, so the society that was against them had to accept them for who they are. I do not look at color, I look at what are you doing to make a better human race/society.The right to be who you are and the right to make your choices. Obama, I think you did the right thing and you are actually teaching others and reminding them how far they have become because of who they are. "' Treat others as you would like them to treat you.''"Reference Link:!/ISupportMyPresident/posts/10151691293680063

I could not agree with her and what President Obama said any more. It is all true. How could Black people have such understating amnesia? Not long ago, about 5 decades ago, two or may be single generation, segregated south and Blacks were not free as humans in this great nation. Here we are, becoming, or portrayed as number one haters and prejudice of fellow human being simply because they are Gay. Really, how could we stand on judgement day and say that we are doing "the right thing"? Remember the story of Jesus and the Prostitute? He said to the crowd that was ready to stone a prostitute woman to death, for it was a Roman Law at a time, ''whoever is not sinful should be the first to throw stone at her''. Then the crowd recognized that they were all sinners in some way, whereby a sin is a sin and need repent. A so called Christian should not, I repeat, should not act on this selective hearing and amnesia that is playing on group(s) of fellow human being. 

What's funny, I overheard on NPR that some so called Black Bishops and Reverends (Clergy Men) from North Carolina are taking sides on this hot news on the news outlet. I wonder who they speak for and who do they serve? Because the Jesus I know, believed and love all my life from birth and growing in a conservative committed Christian Home, Jesus loves all of us and he does not discriminate. All we need is to repent our sins. He said,'' do not fight the battles because battles are his to fight,'' all we need is to trust. believe and have faith in him all the time; he said to do dont judge others because we all have a day in front of the Father In Heaven to hear our judgment day. We are acting like little kids when they worry about what other kids are doing wrong, in stead of what they are doing wrong. Take a chill pill and look at yourself and ask yourself is it how you really are, act or would like to be portrayed to be? Then if not, do something to make corrections. Who is not sinful? Who is so righteous to tell others how they should live their life, while close eyes on other bad stuffs from the same very people? Come-on people, what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong. We cant sit here judging others' ways of life, while decades ago we were right there asking other to join us to fight the war against those who judge, are enslaved, restricted and humiliated.

I don't support Gay Marriage because it is against my belief, Christianity, but that is not the only faith-related issue. I disagree upon and I dot cycle all my life on it. I also don't support Gang Banging, white color thieves/crime, Sluts/prostitution, Lairs, Children Molesters, Killers, Disobedient to God and Parents, Those who takes Lords name In vain, or Those who worship other gods before God/or make objects in mimicking Lord God;  because all these are against  the Ten Commandments which are the pillars of the Christian Values and Faith. 

As a Black man, there are so many things to worry about, such as the glass ceiling that exists in the communities and society at large. Look at all the cities compare to the sub-urban. Tell me what do you see? If you don't see any segregation of all kinds and class as major one, then you are  totally blind. This is the bigger subject and need its own full attention to address. But for now, I can tell you. that Human Rights are a Civil Right and it belongs to all human kind, regardless. As a  Black man In America,  I feel that there is no one to blame on our conditions except for ourselves. Things are they way the are at this day and age, because of who we are, what we are and the way we want. No body forced us to live, act, behave, talk, and be who we are at this day and age. We did all by our own and we will have to make corrections by our own. The kids that are in school, soon in college will never forgive us if we don't start to correct our ways of life and make decisions. We have to remember that every decisions and actions we made and making do really have two outcomes only, consequences/bad or rewards/good. The choice is yours and there is no one to blame. Blame game ends at Reverend Jessey Jackson and Al Sharpton's generation. Their generation does not automatically reflect the views and beliefs of our generation and most certainly our kids generation. A president Obama worn us all along, "this is the break or Make moment for our generation". Be a man, father to the children you brought in this earth, be responsible of your life, calculate your acts and decisions because they characterize your life and set a path through in the future. Could and should is not a good position for anybody to be as responsible person.

I completely agree with President Obama's statement on Gays as an evolving matter and certainly I  will add that this is a Civil Right's matter. There is no distinction on Gay rights and Human Rights or Pilgrims rights when they flee Europe for America, or Civil Right as Blacks and Women fighting for their rights. At a time, not long ago, people did quite understand these things or acknowledge them as Human Rights as our founding fathers fought for bravely. But now we all agree that they are indeed human Rights. Obama happens  to  be on the right side, because true be told, our kids don't see Gays Right as distinct from Civil and or Human Rights. I can understand Obama's explanation that First Daughters contributed president's evolution on this mater, and it's a bit awkward, but it is "the right thing to do", especially to Blacks In America. It's a simple fact that a honest child who is not polarized by fictionalized world politics and philosophies, "Gay People are Human" and they deserve and entitled Human Rights and Civil Rights. Just like those kids during Civil Right Movement saw that "Black People Are Indeed Human". For example, Tea Party People/GOP/Conservatives like to say that "Human Rights comes from God", therefore, no one should be on the way of any Human Right. It is that simple and no politics but the raw truth. Reference Ling:

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