Saturday, October 24, 2015

To My Fellow Tanzanian In This October 2015 General Election

My fellow Tanzanian, in this October 2015 General Election, what we need from the government or the governing body is "Development". Development comes from strong leadership and institutions with firm structure that carry out governing policies and procedures that must be in accordance to the law of the Land, The "Constitution".

We need stronger and firm structured governing organs (Parliament,  Judiciary and Executive) with their core institutions. These will help to tackle the corruption and any lawlessness that derail Tanzanian development.

It's important to note that merely Strong institution and combating corruption  are like chicken and an egg, tag of which one need to be done first. In reality they are concurrent and one produce the other or lack of thereof.

But a good credible leader will first revitalize the organs, institutions, and delegate powers as way to spread out accountability to his/her cabinet, civil servants, private sector and the general public. Note that, the current situation and ongoing corruption is the direct result of the previous concentration of of power, single political party centralization policies.

Such competent leaders will then make these factors rather systemic so to emulate such good practices no matter who the president is. Certainly this leader will face huge resistance, but any great leader will forge a way forward tackling a culture change that raise grassroots awareness and other important stakeholders and focus on the fruits to be harvested from sch desired developmental strategy.

Furthermore, in life, we learned that Competition creates specialization, effectiveness and efficiency. We need a leader that embraces the above values.

Thus, CCM should now become a viable strong opposition party that will re-energize itself to gain back the lost trust to govern again. That will also catalyze  the future Ruling Party,  UKAWA, to govern  accordingly, under these values.

If UKAWA will squander on governing, then CCM as standing-by will be prone to resume  in power. The new re-energized CCM party will be be forced to spur development for its own survive because the stakes will be higher than now.

Likewise, UKAWA to standby by catalyze CCM to bring about development and do well. Or else, UKAWA to assume powers back. And that will be true democracy at its best. This is the hurdle for Tanzania to jump now as we go in the voting booth. Tanzanian for Tanzania. Knowing that no one else will come at our resource but ourselves. Any leader that tells you otherwise is not a true leader for Tanzania and Tanzanian.

CCM and UkAWA will need to become the viable rival opposing forces that catalyze development by fostering maximum production in the government and private institutions thru specialization, effectiveness and efficiency. We call this "Human Ingenuity".

My fellow Tanzanian, especially youths and young adults, this is your time and moment. The key here is to pass on the better Tanzania to our children. Better than we received from our parents. So go make changes for yourselves and your future Tanzanians.

May God bless Tanzania. Amen!

The more you know.....Go Figure!

By  Mr. Masao

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