Friday, January 15, 2016

Critically Analyzing 2016 GOP Front Runner Contender Mr. Donald Trump

Mr. Donald Trump Picture Form Social Media.

In this article, I'm going to critically analyze the 2016 GOP presidential candidate Front Runner Mr. Donald Trump. Starting since he entered the bid for the highest office on the land he has been leading on the National Pool. How can he be called an idiot or fool by many, yet he is very very successful international businessman and has been leading on the pool since 2015 Summer?

To me, as i see it, ever everyone who think that Mr. Trump is fool or an idiot as many call him on the media and social networks, they are drunk Kool-Aid. Such people are rushed or rushing in to judgement that that Mr. Trump is an idiot and arrogant, without critically thinking and analyzing through how sophisticated Mr. Trump is.

I have seen a lot of idiots and Intellectually Challenged individuals in my life, but Mr. Trump is not one of them. Likewise, I have not yet to seen an idiot or a fool that is #Billionaire and maintains such success ratio of wealth (among very small number of people of the world) to life time and pass on to another generation. Please show me such an idiot and fool, prove me wrong.

Im amused. Are those calling Mr. Trump an idiot really serious? Common,  we seen so many smart people gaining wealth to hundreds of millions and never were able to maintain and or pass on their wealth to their immediate generation(s). It is rather a fallacy to call Mr. Trump an idiot or someone who doesn't know what he is doing; it is an #Utopia, one's false mood of state on something.

So, as much as you may love or hate him (Mr. Trump), this man is way smarter than 0.0001% of the world's population. President Obama at this time in 2008 as Presidential candidate,  he had begged so many people, millionaires, lobbyists, and corporations; and spent about 100 million dollars and he was not leading. Yet, everyone called him smarter, though he never built, brand or invent anything in the markets. Same people, saw President Obama as smarter now see Mr. Trump as an idiot and fool. While Mr. Trump at this time has not even spent 10 million dollars in his campaign and has lead as front runner since he entered the campaign last summer, 2015. This is the biggest hypocrisy of our time......Way out of touch and lacking people's skills and talents.

It is obvious that by now we have seen every one who is so smart and expert tried to take Mr. Trump down but failed catastrophically. He is so smart, he is defying  the so self proclaimed smarter people and their entire political correctness as career politicians.

It is hard to ignore Mr. Trump. He takes broken things and fix them to look so beautiful to the point it catches, magnetize, and hypnotize people's eyes and hearts. Look at the quality of his work. It is magnificent.

Only a fool will think that he was not so smart to be this successful in this campaign. The man is not a quitter or never repeat the same mistake twice. I'm just saying. Go Figure!

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