Thursday, January 21, 2016

Critically Analyzing The Term "Climate Change":

Analyzing the term "Climate Change" one has to first consider the fact that "Climate" is constantly changing every day and every time. i.e. it is afternoon here, snowing, and winter, but it is night in Africa, Tropical and hot mess, and so on.

Hence, we have segments that contribute to the climate change such as time (AM & PM), period (Day, Night, Week, Month, Year, Decade, Century & Millenia), seasons  (Summer, Fall, Winter & Spring), and climate itself (Temperature). These factors flacture significantly depending on numerous natural factors, know and unknown or proven and unproven.

Thus, the term "Climate Change" as used by politicians is broad and ambiguous. In results it tends to divide us instead of unifying us. It builds competing blocks, against one another. It is a polirizing term and factor.

In my life time, it is true the climates are rocky. Likewise in my life time technology has improved,  life span has prolonged e.t.c. But, with limitations to just few yeras back data that we have. The rest are just theories and theories have got pros and cons complications.

As fact driven person, I just dont agree with these blanket broad statement and theories that are being pushed thru by "Politiciabs" as #PureTruths, yet not tested yet. No one, and i repeate no one, can for sure, with scientific proof, know what tomorrow will bring with, scientific facts.

We can only predict tho. So let's not use broad predictions as certain scientific proof and slam those who dont agree with predictions. #WeatherFoarcast not #WeatherScientificProof. There is were this matter is heavily contested, tactics, and less scientific facts. Keep politicians out of it.

There were famine and drought  storms before Jesus. Anyone has documented data that are compared with today's weather as more than then? With Scientific data and representation?

Yet some scientists loosely use terms like "Million Years" and alike. Who was there or what #MillionYearDocuments  are we referencing?

Im just analyzing, an independent thinker. I plan for tomorrows, but i dont know for sure what tomorow will bring. But i cannot excessively risk and limit today,  which I'm certain of as I'm here, for a tomorro that is not here or all that certain.

Then, I can ballance and have a better today with affordable risks for a better tomorrow. That's all. We are unique individuals. That should not be explouted as weakness, rather a strength. Go Figure!

It's life style and dont let it cherry peaking us. To talk down the county people with their life style of boom fire culture as pollutants is wrong. Because the inner city /uban people life style of dense population, cars, industries, chemical productions and other habits polutes the earth more than the boom fire out in the country side.

To lead both contry and uban people as one is to unify them and not cherry packing them.

This's also the factor to consider in things like Guns, Education, Heathcare, Work Habits, Beliefs, etc. Naturaly, we human being are diversefied and nutshelled at the sametime. One can get both or either from people. It is all about Tactics and approach.

Last but not list, no one can control the weather and or climate. To asune so is like play God. It is misleading and unethical. If it is going to rain or to sun shine or to snow or to thunder or to get dark or to sun raise,  it will happen, and no one can ulter that from happening. The old say that  "a briken clock is always right at least twice a day is vivid in this climate case". The more you know.....Go Figure!

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