Saturday, February 27, 2016

Robert Mugabe's 92nd Birthday Party Is Shameful To African Leaders

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe, flanked by his wife Grace Mugabe (left) and daughter Bona (right), blows candles on his cake during a surprise birthday party at the Statehouse in Harare, on Feb. 22. His birthday was Feb. 21; he held a massive celebration Saturday. Jekesai Njikizana/AFP/Getty Images

We Africans, are our own worst enemies. "Who the cap fit, let them wear it" Bob Marley said. May be Mugabe should embrace this phrase of his legendary guest leader of his independence inauguration and delegate power through #Democracy.

By the way, why everything to do with Africa is portrayed as "needy" or "help the poor"? That aproach in ad itself is the problem. It creates mental slavery and addiction to dependence and channels forunfair practices that distort good governance and ultimately derail development. It is very poisonous approach.

For once, looking at African problems from both inside and ooutside, the common isses are (1) readly good beneficisl use of its available esources, (2) management which comes from Leadership and good govetnsnce and (3) ability to use its untensl competence sbd powerhoyses to allocate such resources to better serve its humanity, peoples. That has nothing to do with some petty donation from the West or China.

It is about leadership and mental thinking. I laugh so hard for us living in the West jump into petty help to our African problems.

African problems are not money or donations. They are purely management and eger to use skills and technology to solve them. They are cultural and culture change is not something easy.

Did money fixed the state of welfare and entitlement in America? Look now 47% are in it and statistics is on the rize.  This too is cultral issues and growing one. It is based on the #mentality that creates #reality, untill is changeed, thereis no #progress.


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