Thursday, June 30, 2016

A Must Read/Listen Researchers That Examine Family Income And Children's Non-Cognitive Skills

You see, most Free Stuff are not as valuable or as important in your life as stuff you plan and need to buy, you pay-for. Most of the Free Stuff are just junks. That's why they are on the carb/roadside for anyone to collect or the owner will throw them to the junk-yard.

You cannot just collect Free Stuff from everyone or anywhere, but must be valuable to you or else is like bringing junk home. If you do collect every Free Stuff from the road side, then you are becoming a Junk Yard full of junks that you may not need at all in your home and or life.

Therefore, Free Stuff wont be free anyomore if Free Stuff affect your life negatively. They become pricy because now you have to pay for somronr to remove, take care of them and or treat you when you are sick ftom the junks. Sadly, most Free Stuff are junks and not needed in your life. In the long run, free stuff can become more expensive than none-free stuff.

By all measures, I'm not saying that some none-free stuffs are not also junks. I'm correlating the magnitude of varrience between free stuff and none-free stuff. It's important to evaluate the needs v/s wants and bargain things accordingly.

After listening to this Reaserach Study, my question is, why people think that Free Education will be different from the rest of all other Free Stuff that we consider as Junks? Look around, #PrivateSchool are the best than Public Schools, Dealership Cars are the best than Junk Yard Cars, Services We Pay for are the best than the one we receive for Free, 5 Star Hotels are best than Shelter Homes, Restaurant Meals are best than Soup Kitchen/shrlter Meals, Outlet Stores are the best than Thrift/Pawn Stores, and on and on. Why the same logic don't transfer when  comes to Education?

it niggles my mind that education is getting water dow. Whatever politicians touch , it does not grt fixed. it however , get polarized and getting worse. Politicians dont solve problems ,  they rather rhetorically amplify problem to tje next level then promise to fix the problem, after winning rlectiond thry tune out rherorics and proclaim to solve the very problem thst still exists but aligned, then tuned out, and in thrir mind to your mind, problem is solved. it is id line con-man business where citizens get bamboozled .

It's simple, you get what you pay for. If you don't pay for it, you get crappie services and or goods. Let this simple truth sink in as the reality of life. Free Education and expect it to be as valuable thing in life it is just a self fulfilling prophecy or a fallacy. There is a catch somewhere down the road. The question is, are you willing to gamble your children's future anf life? Why?

Parents, Fathers and Mothers or Guardians, we have to rethink the quality of our children's education system. It's the greatest investment of all to our children. Think of Education as valuable as other expensive goodsand services we bargain and evaluate in life. That's the only way we can improve our kids' education and future. Dont be stingy, you will get crappie results. you dont get a car, weding ring, a sofa or your outfits for free. then, are these things  more valuable than your children education and future ?

A Must Read/Listen Researchers That Examine Family Income And Children's Non-Cognitive Skills : NPR

Go Figure!

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