Sunday, October 3, 2010

My passion for Tanzania and Africa at large

Tanzania and Africa at large we need true and real leadership. The world is matching forward, while Africa remains stagnant or backward. That is the truth by all measures of all regional block and economic standard. I suggest we start good leadership from family level to the national and continental level. We gotta stop bad traditions that keep us proud but poor. Pride does not build rather creates arrogance of which too many Africans tend to dwell on. Now that is not development. I make mistakes I gotta suck it up, admit and learn from it not maintaining status quo. We need true Leaders and committed. Too often education is used as pride of many African leaders but they forget that the can have degrees from the books but if what they learned cannot be transferred into what they practice and change the community for better they are not educated at all. I wander what do African Leaders learn every year when they come to NY, UN general assembly so that they can implement in their mother countries? It is disturbing, if we still have the sentiments of killing and destroying your opponents. We ought to learn from our opponents forget the Bile say that "keep your opponents closer so that you can learn from what they challenge you". To do so every African can start been a good parent because the nation is the reflection of the families at the national level. That' right, psychologist Ericson said that family is the principle foundation of all major organizations, therefore family is an important institution. Got it, yes your and my family is very important players of the organization, town/village, district, province/state, nation, region, continent and universe/international. Till we can untangle this puzzle we African can’t make it in the true face of the world

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