Friday, September 28, 2012

New Fairfield, Connectcut Man Kills Masked Teen, Learns It Is His Son!!!! Focus on Self-Control and Not Gun-Control

Second Amendment, Constitutional Right to Own a Gun

It is a sad story, not only to this father, but to all the parents and children out there. A New Fairfield, Connecticut Man Kills Masked Teen, Learns It Is His Son!!!! This story is still unfolding and developing. This is indeed a sad story of the weekend. Some may rush to gun control, seizing their attack on the second amendments, but I will tell you that one bad apple don't mean that all apples are bad. The question is again and again, as I discussed in my past blog posts, not only to rush to the gun-control measures that violate the constitutional right; rather to also balance with "self-control". Guns, like all other things, needs balance.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Gov. Mitt Romney Means Exactly what He Says, 19985 or 2012 Video Clips

Gov. Mitt Romney means exactly what he says and not otherwise. The facts that support his "narrative" that he is out of touch are enormous.  In 1985 Gov. Romney Said that Bain Capital Would "Harvest Companies for Profit". He lead that agenda as business strategy. Psychology of mind is that it takes a huge process of human organs to mention something, and any sane person must mean what they say. It is just politicians gives us dumb excuses why say it or twisting the meaning of what they mean and or say, only when it hurts them personally. In the psychology of mind we call such people, Mitt Romney in this case, manipulators. It is just that Romney is not good at manipulating people because he lives in the cage or burble of 1%. But he is good at intimidating people because he lives in his own universe with fellow 1%. It is not so good burble to be as a politician.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

“I Like Being Able To Fire People”; Gov. Romney’s Narrative

"I Like Being Able To Fire People" Gov. Romney

He said that he likes to "fire People”. Then later on, he is complaining that he cannot help them because the same people he fired feel that are victims and depends on government. Then, he furthered that these people, 47% Americans, need to take responsibility of their lives. These are good Americans of all creeds. They are old paid in Medicare and Social Security, served in the military to keep us all safe, single parents because husband either served and now are Veterans without help or difficulty life circumstances. Not everyone is as lucky as you are Governor, you got it good and that is a good thing. But, the problem is Gov. Romney wants to become the New President of the United States of America and he feels this way about the people he is about to lead. Narrative that is shocking, look at the links bellow since 1985 when he was the CEO of Bain Capital. In 1985 Gov. Romney Said Bain Capital Would "Harvest Companies for Profit".

Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy US Constitution Day

The US Constitution
 Today is the United States Constitution Day. We are commemorating, the day of this great document that stands as the pillar of this great nation of all. The constitution, is the symbol of happiness and life time achievement of America.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Independent Mind Set On The 2012 US General Election Debates Fever

2012 US General Election Electoral College Map
The notion that Liberals don’t support the “Freedom Of Speech” is bogus and ideological belief that has no facts whatsoever. What propaganda that feeds all sorts of angry and unchanging ears!? If they did, I guess you and I couldn't even write and or read this post in this blog. It is just hate on Obama from first day before even he issued any policy; he was proclaimed failure in the GOP mind-set. America has freedom of speech and true freedom period, than any other nation on the earth. I can attest that, and I’m the fruit of the American freedom. Out there in the world, freedom is an expensive thing, it is been bought by cash or blood, bribing or dying exchanging for a rightfully services that Americans takes for granted here at home. I urge you to get out of America and see for yourself. If you have lived oversees and still think the same, then I question your competence on what freedom means. "You don't know what you got until when you lose it". This say is so true now than ever before.

In the Long Run, Is the GOP Dead? By Patrick J. Buchanan

Since 1928, only Dwight Eisenhower and George W. Bush have won the presidency while capturing both houses of Congress for the GOP.

In his 49-state landslide, Richard Nixon failed to take either House. In his two landslides, Ronald Reagan won back only the Senate. Yet Mitt Romney is even money to pull off the hat trick.
With this hopeful prospect, why the near despair among so many Republicans about the long term?

In his New York Times report, "In California, GOP Fights Steep Decline," Adam Nagourney delves into the reasons.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

What Makes a Strategy a Winner?

Strategy is to put a plan of action by adapting principles that are designed to accomplish a specific and or general goal (Thompson, Strickland and Gamble, 2008). Therefore, an organization does need a strategy that can define its mission, goals and strengths counter to its opponents. In this day and age the advanced technology and constantly changing markets have made it imperative for an organization to not only understand the need to of strategy, rather its important for the organization to successfully analyze and carry its daily activities.

Best Buy’s Strategy & Competitiveness Advantage

Best Buy

Best Buy’s strategy is to remain the leading house-hold name in America by differentiating from its rival distinctively and attracting more customers into its products and services (Thompson, Strickland and Gamble, 2008). Best Buy is a Multi-national Corporation operating mainly in North America, Asia and Europe. It is a household name because there is no living room in America that does not have product that can be found or was bought in the Best Buy outlet stores. Best Buy is the leading multi-conduit global retailer and developer of technology products and services (Best Buy, 2012).
Its strategy is the ability to form acquisition with other companies as a way to integrate services and products into its retail stores and win the markets by offering an array of services and products which benefits its portfolio. According to its web-site data, Best Buy’s strategy is evident of unwavering relationships with its suppliers i.e. Samsung, AT&T, Apple, Verizon, HP, Dell, Sony, LG, WD, Wii, Toshiba, RCA, On Star, and many more (Best Buy, 2012).  
Toward winning competitive advantages, Best Buy has restructuring and transformation strategy that will allow them to be better equipped to accept changes and challenges that are brought by new technologies, time and space. This strategy has allowed Best Buy to refocus into profitable markets by closing some outlet stores in Asia and Europe because its data shows that North America is its most profitable markets (Best Buy, 2012).

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9-11 Commemoration, “United We Stand”

 9/11 Commemoration, "United We Stand

Today, September 11th 2012 we are remembering the day that America was attacked by the terrorists and it took away about 3,000 innocent lives. It has been a good eleven years since the terrorist attack and the wounds are still fresh as the incident is fresh in our memories. There is an old saying my grandmother used to say to her adversaries “I can forgive you, but I will not forget what you have done to me”. Looking at people and listen to all sort of news outlets and individuals here in America, the attitude is similar to the quote above. Understandably, people have forgiveness, but rightly will never forget this event. It is the right thing for us all to remember this day and give thanks to the innocent souls of servicemen and women, travelers and bystanders who were helping to serve lives of other, but instead theirs got taken away. Together, these men and women were good people doing the right thing that ordinary Americans always feels obliged to do throughout the history of this great nation.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Back To school and First Timers


This week, like many parents we had to take our kids school, first timers or new class, or new class mates or new teachers. We then listen to their after-school stories which are fascinating. As we drop them off and watch them learn their ways in the new class and scrambling looking for their old friend it tells us something unique, especially when our “K” daughter looking for her Pre-K friends and heart broken when some were not there. For our son, he was the first timer, in the day care; all he looked for just toys and friends, forging new friends in life. It is so innocent and full of life kind of style. I wish we, adults, were just like that instead of been so calculative and cautious of what would, might, should and could have gone wrong.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Quality Management In Contemporary Organizations: Launching and Implementing a Six Sigma Project Proposal

Final Project Paper: Launching and Implementing a Six Sigma Project Proposal by Mr. Valerian B-K. Masao II

Quality Management In Contemporary Organizations- Spring2012 APUS Instructor: Dr. Dr. Jerome Pionk. May 27, 2012

Table of Contents

1.                  Introduction, 
2.                  Problem Statement, 
3.                  Selected Six Sigma Project (s) - Review of Current Practices, 
4.                  Project Improvement - Strategic plan for change or creation of the anticipated change, 
5.                  Six Sigma Project Improvements - Strategic approach for implementation and Goals Statement, 
6.                  Final Recommendations – Six Sigma Project Improvement Evaluation 
7.                  Summary/Conclusions

Friday, September 7, 2012

DIAGNOSTIC ANALYSIS: Organizational Management Spring of 201

Mr. Valerian B-K. Masao II

Instructor: Dr. Bruce Johnson American Public University (APUS) July 2012
I work for a not-for-profit organization that was established in the year 1800, as the Benevolent Society of NY Capital District to assist indigent women, children and orphan asylum. Currently, the organization cares for children and adults with developmental disabilities (special developmental, emotional, and behavioral needs) with their families. It is the multi-service organization i.e. providing residential programs, group homes, behavioral juvenile school campus, a day treatment program, clinical services, crisis intervention, respite services, and in-home parent assistance programs. Although, over duration of time the faces of the organization and programs have transformed since its establishment, the needs of the youth, individuals and families remain continuous to feel safe, to receive quality care, to receive comfort and to grow and thrive. Thus, the goals have transformed and diversified due to new community demands and the mission remained the same. The overtime organizational transformation on goals, structure and design is the proof of what Morgan, (1989), illustrated as, “today’s solutions shapes tomorrow’s problems” (35). 

The 2012 Democratic National convention

2012 DNC

President Bill Clinton call for “arithmetic” is the political blow to the GOP than anything else during Democratic National Convention of 2012. I remember taking arithmetic in high school and boy it was fun and revealing. This call of us doing arithmetic is resonating than anything else. If I were GOP calling and pledging for more tax cut in this economy I will listen to the humor of President Obama on the GOP prescription on the bad economy.  It is that simple, with this bad economy tax cut is no brainier. The trickle down philosophy of past decade has brought us into our knees. Adding Gov. Romney tax rate, refusal to release tax return, controversial investments and off-shore banking I could be careful talking to majority of Americans who bears the loss of Wall Street and poor policies that brought this crisis.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Gov. Romney Claimed That President Obama Don’t Understand Risk Taking

Gov. Romney Address RN 2012

In the 2012 Republican National Convention Gov. Romney claimed that President Obama doesn’t understand free markets and that growth needs risk takers. He furthered that entrepreneurs need to take risks in business and investments and that is nature of private sector. Also he said that some risks work out well and some don’t turn out the way we projected them to be; and that is the beauty of free markets.