Monday, February 23, 2015

Earthly-Evil Life v/s Heavenly -Eternal Life

The Above Picture Is The Earthly Final Destination For Both Rich and Poor, Evil and Holy, White and Colored, Educated and Uneducated e.t.c. Obtained Online, fb, to be precise.

We all dwell on living good life. But few of us are aware or anticipate to live good life by doing good deeds. Majority of people get stuck at living good life and become blind folded of living it by doing good deeds.

Now,  "what's good for a man to own the whole world but lose his own soul to the devil"? What is the 80 years of earthly life span good over eternity?

Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Theology & Psychology Of Life and Life After Death 1-1

Life is like a giant highway that we human are the travelers and is the greatest IV-League University that a mankind can truly and actually graduate from with well measured flying colors or total failure. Also, life is faith that is rooted from the perceptions that we internalize base on our environment.  It is not by any accident that you or I believe what we believe or chose as our  path of life we all live, alike or different. If by now you don't know this puzzle of psychology of your life and faith you may be a just follower of others. You are living the life of like flag following where the wind blows.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Compare and Contrast President Obama Remarks on "To fight extremism, Obama calls on US to embrace its Muslims" & "Religious Freedom At National Prayer Breakfast 2015"

Source of This Picture: (Sunday, September 23, 2012 Muslim Multiculturalism and Western Post-Nationalism, Posted by Daniel Greenfield @ the Sultan Knish blog 27 Comments)

To Compare and Contrast President Obama Remarks on "To fight extremism, Obama calls on US to embrace its Muslims" & "Religious Freedom At National Prayer Breakfast 2015",  let's give a thought that what President Obama is saying, on the resource links/video clips bellow, have elements of truth in to it. Then we could see Extremist Christians, Buddha, Hindu, and Atheist out there slaughtering people left and right, because they too live in these corrupt and poor countries with no economic upward mobility. Bu we dont see any element of these other faiths slaughtering people like chicken. Do we see that people????? Source:To fight extremism, Obama calls on US to embrace its Muslims

I think President Obama has traveled in this journey for long now, it is that we are just catching up with him now, may be. He recently started to publicly brushing off the venom & barbaric acts of ISIS as JV league, slave owners and 1000 years ago Christian Crusaders. ISIS is terrorism at its core to fellow innocent Muslims, Christian Minorities and the citizens of the civilized world. You cannot compare them with anything else, especially with an almost a 1,000 year ago Christianity crusades. Click Obama Praises God, Religious Freedom At National Prayer Breakfast 2015 - Full Speech. Did I hear that correctly? I'm confused. He is even smoothen up ISIS acts by saying such terror should be combated by our humility? Do France, innocent Christian minorities and fellow Muslims, victim of this terror, practice no humility? Really? How can humility or a 1000 year ago Christian crusades have anything to do with the ISIS acts of TERROR today?