Friday, June 24, 2011

Preserve The God Given Gifts (Serengeti National Park) And Pass It To Our Kids and Generations To Come As The Great Generation Passed It Onto US; It Is Our Obligation To God And Our Offspring.

Tanzanian leadership is so corrupt. They are bribed and dont care about the heritage and prestige of the nation and its people rather their personal gain. Look, learn and observe how things are done in that part of world, just corruption and personal gain decisions making leaders we have down here. People are so poor and illiterate to the point that they vote for someone in the high office for just a kilogram of rice, beans and sugar. This is someone who will make decisions that will affect you and the generations to come, but if you are not informed, you have no way of knowing it. Regular/ordinary people in the towns and villages are suffering and facing so much problems from the disconnect they face by the leadership style. No hospitals, no water, no power/electricity, no way of meeting the basic needs, and the funny thing they dont know it, they think that the rest of the world is living life just like them. They are so fooled by the leadership that anything foreign is not good and it is the neo-colonialism; and they are terrified of the colonialism coming back than their own quality of life. I won’t be surprised that the leadership is corrupting its way to construct this high highway in spite of the resistance ordinary people are still showing. They have made up their mind. Look at the new markets of the Ivory and pouching of Rhinos and Elephants due to the great demands of the Asia's booming economies that has its foot print in East Africa (EA). To understand problem of this magnitude, you have to look beyond words and at the bigger and brighter picture. Look how China and its cheep products and manpower are in fluxing and influencing the region. The corrupt leadership thinks, or feels obligated or pressured to give their backdoor dealers a nice deal, a new road to harvest the ivory and transport them easily to their Asian markets; or a very expensive contract that really has no benefit to Tanzanian in the long run. All precious animals will die soon, the people of the world will have no a game reserve with wild and the BIG 5 to watch, rather going to the zoos in the West and domesticated animals in Asia. Then what?

Monday, June 13, 2011

Tanzania: Country Results Profile. Really?????

Tanzania Has made progress economically but still corruption and ordinary people are feeling the pain. Until the political structure is reformed to have equal justice system that don't have favoritism that ultimately roots corruption, we will make 5 steps ahead and go back 6 steps. Look at cars importation, it is corruption on the steroids. A regular Tanzanian cannot afford to import a car unless he/she pay back-door fee and get his/her car cleared. What is the purpose of Government to charge more than 80% on cars? Tanzania don't make cars? Higher tariffs are mean to protect internal products. Now look at sugar, textile, steel and agriculture, tariffs are lower than those of cars, while Tanzania is and can produce these goods. Our policies are backwards from the developed and growing economies. We have to have realistic changes to positively see progress on all Tanzanians. Not only progress to elites and Wanadaresalaamas? Tanzania is both rural and urban, if we put incentives to youngsters to move to the cities then we should not wander about crimes and all other disruptions because our cities don't even have enough water supplies rather those were put in place by Wakoloni. Time has lapsed, and population has grown. It is time to think ahead, 200 years from now, not 10 or 50 years anymore. Look at Major cities in the world, that were created 1800, are still viable today. e.g. NYC, Rome, London, Moscow, Amsterdam, Cairo, and so on. It is time to think forward and think for the coming generations. My opinion as caring and loving father.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy Father's Day To You

Hello all,

Happy Father's day to you all. It feels good to be a father and certainly to be recognized as part of the larger community. Fatherhood comes with great responsibilities as we all aspire to be great fathers. However, there are some who really still dont understand the greatness of fatherhood, and are still stuck in the childish and  or boyish mind-set. If you are that kind of father, please get up and see the world in the bigger and brighter picture because it may be not too late for you to repair the relationship with your child/children and the mother of your kid(s). It never get too late for that-matter, because every one has only one father and mother and that is what matters, especially to a child growing and or teenager who is seeking/claiming his/her identity in the world stage. Make peace with your people today and get one from them today as well. God bless you and you are truly very important figure in your kid(s) life. Understand that, it means a lot to the people you love and to you if you really care. Do some soul searching today and cherish fatherhood life with its greatness. Bring joy to your love one and charge now, because that is all matters,. God Bless You and your love one.

Teach, Liberate, Equip, and Empower Your Children Because They Are Foundation Of Generations To Come.

I know and you all know that there is some of us see things plainly, twisted, straight and zigzag. Have you ever walk in the street and see a mother or father walking with a child screaming, cursing and angry at the child because a child cannot walk faster or she/he is walking and playing at the same time? My point is, in this regard who is acting childish? The parent or the child? Because children are physiologically pruned to play and stay active unless there is something wrong with a child, is sick and or is developmentally disabled. So if parents don’t know that children normally don’t focus unanimously with activities ahead them without been reminded, guided, empowered and or incentivized to do so and with required environments, then the parent is lacking very important quality of been an effect parent. Therefore, the above example of type of parent, of which many of us seen them on the street often, is the result of the proverb that “an apple don’t fall far away from the tree”. Such parent learn from someone who is very close, nurtured him/her, possessed him with the family values and shaped him/her values of life as a whole; usually is parent(s), guardian and or family members. In this regard, unknowable, the parent is passing the same values to his/her children; and it becomes a vicious cycle of life, before you know it is the value of the community and or society.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Teen Pregnancy. Is It A Red Flag?

As father, I have this growing fear from the alarming increasingly numbers of teen pregnancy in the American Communities. What I don’t understand is what is the outcome of all this in the years to come? How will this shape our future society, generations and most of all the American Standing in the world Stage? Are we going to enjoy the benefits of America as the leading society that every one in the world is attracted to and aspired to be part of? Or dooms day are ahead of us is just we dont see? Are we going to lead on researches, economic powers, military mighty, democratic supporters, and most of all liberators to the oppressed? Or we are going to be seen as bunch of clowns whose society is rooted from teen-pregnancy society, single moms’ generation and welfare dependency community? Because don’t get me wrong, society as a whole is going to pay the price of these outstanding numbers of teen pregnancy because they are rooting for single moms/parents and most of all for welfare dependency that will completely crush the so called middle class in America, if any is left from the recent recessions, wall street and housing bubbles hanging around these days. As a proud member of this society, i see light on the tunnel but uncertainty is still roaming around.