Monday, June 13, 2011

Tanzania: Country Results Profile. Really?????

Tanzania Has made progress economically but still corruption and ordinary people are feeling the pain. Until the political structure is reformed to have equal justice system that don't have favoritism that ultimately roots corruption, we will make 5 steps ahead and go back 6 steps. Look at cars importation, it is corruption on the steroids. A regular Tanzanian cannot afford to import a car unless he/she pay back-door fee and get his/her car cleared. What is the purpose of Government to charge more than 80% on cars? Tanzania don't make cars? Higher tariffs are mean to protect internal products. Now look at sugar, textile, steel and agriculture, tariffs are lower than those of cars, while Tanzania is and can produce these goods. Our policies are backwards from the developed and growing economies. We have to have realistic changes to positively see progress on all Tanzanians. Not only progress to elites and Wanadaresalaamas? Tanzania is both rural and urban, if we put incentives to youngsters to move to the cities then we should not wander about crimes and all other disruptions because our cities don't even have enough water supplies rather those were put in place by Wakoloni. Time has lapsed, and population has grown. It is time to think ahead, 200 years from now, not 10 or 50 years anymore. Look at Major cities in the world, that were created 1800, are still viable today. e.g. NYC, Rome, London, Moscow, Amsterdam, Cairo, and so on. It is time to think forward and think for the coming generations. My opinion as caring and loving father.

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