Sunday, June 12, 2011

Teach, Liberate, Equip, and Empower Your Children Because They Are Foundation Of Generations To Come.

I know and you all know that there is some of us see things plainly, twisted, straight and zigzag. Have you ever walk in the street and see a mother or father walking with a child screaming, cursing and angry at the child because a child cannot walk faster or she/he is walking and playing at the same time? My point is, in this regard who is acting childish? The parent or the child? Because children are physiologically pruned to play and stay active unless there is something wrong with a child, is sick and or is developmentally disabled. So if parents don’t know that children normally don’t focus unanimously with activities ahead them without been reminded, guided, empowered and or incentivized to do so and with required environments, then the parent is lacking very important quality of been an effect parent. Therefore, the above example of type of parent, of which many of us seen them on the street often, is the result of the proverb that “an apple don’t fall far away from the tree”. Such parent learn from someone who is very close, nurtured him/her, possessed him with the family values and shaped him/her values of life as a whole; usually is parent(s), guardian and or family members. In this regard, unknowable, the parent is passing the same values to his/her children; and it becomes a vicious cycle of life, before you know it is the value of the community and or society.

Too often, people tend to blame children for being bad, acting certain ways that do not reflect the universal moral standards and miss behaving in general. My question is that, where did these children learn from? How did they develop such behaviors and acts? They got it all from us parents. Unless we start to address these issue at the core/source we, as community and society will be masking and sugar coding these problems and eventually will rupture like volcano. Children are innocent and they tend to follow the trend naturally. They learn from adults, parents and family members by both listening and observing. It is biblical, we are to be judged by our acts and deeds, and not only those who shouts the name of the Lord will enter the kingdom of God; certainly a faith without acts that reflect that particular faith it is a faded or dead faith. What I want to say is yes talk to the kids in a manner that you want someone to talk to you (don’t degrade or belittle them) but also, act on the words coming out of your mouth because that is ultimatum of all the talking. Actually talk less and act more. Use the universal moral standards as guideline because you are to prepare them to live freely in the much diversified population and that will be a necessary and useful tool that you can ever equip the child with. We all were children once; we remember that we did certain things because we saw our parents, relatives or guardian did so. The game of blaming children whereas children learn everything and entirety of their lives from us adult, is irresponsible of adults (parents, family members or guardians).

We all are to pick-up our slacks and not only to rush and lash-out on kids, but to sit-back and look at us adults and identify the root or source of the problem then address them accordingly. In this manner we will equip our children the ability to solve problems in the future, of which many will be waiting for them. They learn every thing from us, adults, from the things we do intentionally or unintended acts. 

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