Friday, May 30, 2014

To See What Is There, Not There And Vise Versa: The Truth

You will know who your true friends and caring family member really are or feels about you. Untill when you're tested and only them can stand firm for you as testimony that defends you. Because, they too well knows the truth and have shared living it with you all along. But, for whatever reasons, they have chosen to stay still and silence, and not to sprak out the truth as they know it.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day, 2014, America

Happy Memorial Day America. Thanks for your service American Men & Women. Your service in this nation, especially those who paid the Ultimatum Sacrifice, has made the America we all love and call home stronger and the world more safer.

R...emember, no nation standing unified today that has paid the price that American people have paid in the name of Peace, Stability, Law & Order both at home and in the whole wide world. It is because of your sacrifice, American Men & Women in Uniform and the families.

God Bless America and United We Stand. Amen!

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Parable Of Motherhood and Fatherhood (Parenting)

Motherhood and fatherhood (Parenting) is divine privilege granted onto us all by the creator. It is sentimental and most precious experience. For sure no one can prove that they select us to come to this earth as we are and for what we are, or know exactly for sure where we were before arriving in this mother earth. This experience is the living parable and makes God Jehovar as vivid as it can be in this life long parable.

Happy Mother's Day

Today, May 11th 2014, we are cellebrating Mother's Day as recognition of motherhood role and intuition to all the humanity. For many of us, without our mothers' intution and roles in our life we could not make it in life, let alone be aloive today. It is with joy and sorrow that our mothers are the most important figires in us, but yet most unrecognized and unappreciated by all faction of life. It is a better sweet day. More need to be done on equal pay for equal job without gender roles, addressing domestic viloents, tacle down primitive and barberic laws and traditions that surpress mothers, and campaign more for the society to appreciate motherhood input as it does appreciate fatherhood roles.