Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Parable Of Motherhood and Fatherhood (Parenting)

Motherhood and fatherhood (Parenting) is divine privilege granted onto us all by the creator. It is sentimental and most precious experience. For sure no one can prove that they select us to come to this earth as we are and for what we are, or know exactly for sure where we were before arriving in this mother earth. This experience is the living parable and makes God Jehovar as vivid as it can be in this life long parable.

Today’s parenting needs some revival and rejuvenation that has God-fearing elements in how we are parenting our kids. Think of this, many of us have had access to smartphones for average of 6 years by now and video games for about 18 years now and access to TV for about 30 years now.

Now, think of how we adults are addicted to the smartphone and social media for just having access to them in just short period of time (4 to 6 years now), what will they do to our children? We have allow our children to replace us, parents, with material things like smartphones, video games, televisions, internet, shows and whole social media thing.

Then, when they grow up to the age that they can full exercise their capabilities of the things they learn all along in their childhood, we parents get outrageous of their actions and wonder why and how could they not do and act normal.

Oh well, that is their normal because parents let them to be parented by the material things and they learn them all from these material things instead of learning things from the mother and or father figures. That is the difference between the kids we used to be and the kids that are raised in this millennium.

Remember that parenting is not a part time job or onetime thing. It is permanent and you carry it with you all your life. You either parenting your children or the material things and the world will parent them. Most likely you will not like what the world and things will do onto your children, neither the outcome. Therefore, step up your parenting game.

As naughty children I used to be, I can testify you that children don’t only listen, they do the combination of listening and actions. So if your actions are not parallel with what you are saying, most likely your child is confused and will stop listening and or follow your acts. Children brain is faster like magnetic force and it observes more than what an adult can ever imagine. I learn more by observing than listening because I had to draw my own sharp contrasts.

Therefore, environment matters a lot when raising a child. Be mindful of your acts and word to any child. Remember this, you can force a cow to the river, but certainly you cannot force a caw to drink water from the river.

Lastly, being a good and successful parent does not make you a friend to a child, rather a parent as always. Don’t get confused of the two. You can never be a friend to your child, it’s illusion and confusing that clinging to the fallacy of emotional imbalance. A child needs a parent and a friend, not all at the same time from the same person. Pilot mom and papas; take a very good note here because chances are you are confusing your children and importance of your parenting role.

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