Thursday, March 31, 2011

Our Individuality, integrity and execeptionalism as peoples

Please read this article and feel it with me. How sad man-kind can get? This magnitude of idiocy is sad and beyond recognition of may. What is problem with us Africans? Our life is miserable enough, adding this kind of mentality is like putting a gasoline on the burning read thing:

Monday, March 28, 2011

Hero Of Fatherhood Life And Mentoring Young Boys & Men, Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey Introducing The Lord Jesus is a way never before:

The man that many boys and young men calls him an inspirational father-figure because of his grass root works to the communities that so many boys and young men are raised by single moms. I always say that it takes a man to raise a man and a woman to raise a woman; it means that wearing pants and have deep voice alone and itself doesn't make one a man. A man has to adhere to manly duties, hardworking, decisefull-ness, respect to others, leader/head of the family, be a truly father figure, go to work without complain, be a good citizen, and a believer in the most high powers. It saddens me to hear current student and work force figure of men is way outnumbered by females. What is happening here? Are today's men no more bread-winner and leaders? Because women are now leading, supporting the family and attending college while men sit behind. I guess men got trapped plying video games and milking the situation. That's sad.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

When is Africa and African gonna get up from the dark-life!!!!!!!!

Africa, The Mother-Land All Humanity

I do always wander when is Africa and African going to get up from the dark-life? When are we going stop electing leaders who don't fit and represent our values and aspirations? When are we going to fear no dark powers because they are all illusion and cant harm human who do not believe and practice them, except for believer only? When does the so called educated in Africa going to get educated and act like educated fellows? When  is Africa going to get true leaders who can lead the continent's countries from the dark side to the light side? When is Africa going to improve its life conditions that meets basic human needs by use proven scientific measures and not use its old phased out dark magical powers? When is Africa going to truly believe that God does exist and will always exist and not their stupid magical, witchcraft, traditions and darkness beliefs and traditions that literally ruins life of so many? When that day will come and see my African brothers and sisters rise up and denounce the darken and wicked traditions and beliefs?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Malaika Song


WABONGO USA: ALEX KAJUMULO THE BUSHMAN AWEKA HISTORIA JAMAICA N...: "Ni kwa mara ya kwanza mwanamuziki toka nje kuweza kupata nafasi ya kwanza ktk safu ya miziki huko jamaica na huyu si mwingine ni Alex Kajumu..."

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Today’s Sunday Service:

In the Sunday service today the pastor remarketed the old says that are very important in our life. These remarkable say are the path to integrate us with God and build such relationship stronger until our journey here on the earth is over.  These say are such as “you can choose your friends or associates but you can never choose your relative or neighbors”. Other say were like, “honesty to one self is honest to God”; and “we are created resembling face and example of God”. If it is so, then we ought not to hate one another because that does not please God because we can not hate our neighbors and pretend we love and pray him for mercy. These are very powerful and touchy words. I therefore see the need to share them with you because they can make a difference in among us if we let the work of Holly Spirit lead us on this worldly journey. God bless you and your love one.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Magic of Children Growth

The magic of children growth is one big aspects of connection and bonding of parents, both mother and father, to the child’s life long. It is amazing the way a child grows. It is like miracle. Their body learns to maneuver things and their mind adjusts day by day. That is the beauty of fatherhood or fatherhood. I can see very tangible changes of my children day by day. It is there. I remember seen my son trying to maneuver his hands for the first time/day he was able to reach a bottle of milk from my hand and able to hold it by himself. It was like miracles. He was like 3moths if I’m not mistake. I could see the trials he made to reach and maneuver the bottler.  The best part is when he tries to form words and short sentences. It was cute because I use to correct my daughter only once and next thing she is saying the word correctly. Children, from birth to teenage, their brains are like magnet.
Margaret Semrud-Clikeman, PhD, Michigan State University on the Development of the brain from 25 days to 9 months: (

Friday, March 11, 2011

R.I.P. Novati L. Shangarai Masao

Today, at this time, I would like to join my family/relatives, friends and neighbors mourning the sudden passing of my beloved cousin and brother in Jesus, Novati L. Shangarai Masao. Your passing has shocked all of us and has made us grow in the understanding of fate, faith and destiny; they are very cumbersome for human mind to untangle unless by faith, but we will have to face them as we are all on the same direction. The message that "Life is a giant high way on which we are travelers passing through the earth" is so vivid as of this moment.

My self, as caring father, I cannot even imagine what is going through my Uncle Ludovic Shangarai Masao right now. Let alone, as a parent, I cannot predict how this sudden passing of a young man Novati, is taking toll on my Aunt Agnes L Shangarai Masao (Mbuya) as mother of the deceased. Only the parent, the mother or father, of the deceased can tell. But, of course we all pitch in to assist and comfort the immediate family while going through these tough times. In this regard, I would like to extend a gentle hand and comfort to the family with passion, and my condolences, whatever that is needed and the most of all in my thoughts and prayers to make his passing a life-long legacy.

Novati, is the cousin that i spent almost my childhood life playing and growing with. He was only four years younger than me. We grew and played together. We had a specific code among few relatives that we grew up in the same age group; "Masao Tondo" or "Masao T." Only us knows what that means and what does it represent. As we lost one of our own in the name of the "Masao T." code phrase, I would like to represent the "Masao T."'s code group to say goodbye and farewell to our beloved brother, one of our own and the true "Masao T." We will truly miss you my brother. We cherish every childhood memory that we encountered. We will miss your love, smiles and kindness. You showed us that we don't have to confront the adversaries, rather persuade them; you lived your life acquiring knowledge on how to make the world a better place to live; and you in deed lived a very peaceful life. This is your legacy my brother. I never stop loving you, for you were an intellectual and caring person. When we got mad you made us smile with you, at the end we ended up smiling and forget what made us mad. This is what you wanted us to remember all along, and I promise you that we shalt keep your memory alive.

Lastly, for us left behind we ought to remember that life is too short, and we ought to enjoy and cherish every moment because destiny and fate are just around the corner. I believe that the most High has place Novati's soul in the better place and that is eternal peace. Novati Ludovic Shangarai Masao, we will be missing you bro. As true "Masao T."'s we will definitely keep the solidarity and love that you have shown to the "Masao T." family. My condolence to Mama Novati, Baba Novati, John a.k.a. Dogoo!! and Humphrey. Although, we are far apart, we are closer in thoughts. We deeply share the great loss of our beloved brother and Cousin Novati Ludovic Shangarai Masao. May Almighty God Rest his soul in  the eternal peace. R.I.P. NOVATI.

By Pendo Masao, Hope Masao, Valerian B-K. III, Malaika Masao and "Masao T." Family

Friday, March 4, 2011

I Love New York

I Love New York

Lady Liberty Statue, New York  
Oh yeah, NY is the place to be. I know many of you will be saying, What? But trust me NY is the place to be. Dont get it twisted, winter up here is bad but not as bad as some other places in the country. I also love Florida, the west,  the mid-west and down south but not as much as I Love NY, at least for the time being though. I better embrace the place I call home because it gives me all the life line support that i need to survive with my family. I have no complains rather love. I know that weather here in NY was not made for me, and that is indeed the down side of NY, also some other small stuffs that one can get over them if give a chance to look at theme in the bigger picture.