Monday, March 28, 2011

Hero Of Fatherhood Life And Mentoring Young Boys & Men, Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey Introducing The Lord Jesus is a way never before:

The man that many boys and young men calls him an inspirational father-figure because of his grass root works to the communities that so many boys and young men are raised by single moms. I always say that it takes a man to raise a man and a woman to raise a woman; it means that wearing pants and have deep voice alone and itself doesn't make one a man. A man has to adhere to manly duties, hardworking, decisefull-ness, respect to others, leader/head of the family, be a truly father figure, go to work without complain, be a good citizen, and a believer in the most high powers. It saddens me to hear current student and work force figure of men is way outnumbered by females. What is happening here? Are today's men no more bread-winner and leaders? Because women are now leading, supporting the family and attending college while men sit behind. I guess men got trapped plying video games and milking the situation. That's sad.

Today I happen to stress on the roots and the grass root pioneers of the fatherhood life, and i have one and one only, my man Steve Harvey. He has been an inspirational figure to many young boys, young adults, fathers and most of all single mothers. He goals is like of many of us, every child has a right to have father and and mother figure in his or her upbringing. Father and mother figure is very important in raising a child/children since the man kind began and it will still remain so. Take a look at the link here to get a glimpse of the great job that Steve has done to the community and society.

In order for Steve to accomplish his vision and mission "to share, teach and demonstrate the principles of manhood to young men, enabling them to achieve their dreams and become productive men who are balanced emotionally, politically and economically." he need all of us to pitch in and participate in any kind of ways so that our young one can have better future. Kids need guidance and to be checked all the time, left unchecked can make our future generation detrimental. I share with Steve that this is not the choice I would like to see my son or daughter take. Please visit Steve's web link and see for your self. If you can pitch in and or just be aware of his programs will be a worthy see planted that can produce good and wanted fruits.
Bellow see a video clip that my man Steve vision on how a Christian man should introduce Jesus Christ in the crowd of his friends and family members. It is one of the all time comedies that can not ware out. God bless you brother, I love Steve.

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