Monday, January 19, 2015

Happy Birthday, 2015, Martin Luther King Jr.

Happy Birthday, 2015, Martin Luther King Jr. You transformed the world and our world since has been different and enduring. Your selflessness life and acts have helped many and the world to better days ahead. "I have a dream" has become a house hold prayer in America and in the world. You have parented us all to know our time and place in the society and life as whole.

The sentimental thing in celebrating your life is for all of us to be responsible for the better good of one another. Thus, to achieve what you fought for your life,  the highest-call, is for everyone to assume personal responsibilities with ethics, moral and legal clarity.

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

World Leaders With About 3.7 Million People In Paris Showed Their Solidarity Against Terrorists

Democracy is our stronghold and our common friend against the enemy, terrorism. Today, January 11th 2015, World Leaders together with about 3.7 million peoples showed their solidarity to the democratic french sovereignty against the terrorists and dictators who try to impose their will onto freedom and rights of others. This match on Paris defy terrorism and condemns terror at at its core and at all costs.

The Fatherhood Independent Lens On January 8th 2015 Paris, France Terror Attacks & The Diaspora

You think that you have right to impose terror on others by use of violence? When the governments of the world are gonna say enough is enough, you will see the wrath of  the strong arm governments come down on to you than the world has ever thought of. Keep on provoking. Don't let your beliefs, rights, freedom, individual liberty and pursue of your happiness infringe these very rights onto others or pose terror onto others. Don't fight the diviserity, embrace it, or you will be force to face-off with the Governments of the world. I'm just analyzing. Go Figure!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Amen! Happy New Year, 2015, Valerian Family.

Hello Mama, Bros and Sister, God's Great, All the time.

Winding down this year i will say that God has done wonders in our lives and he still does. God has proved to be good and great to us. We are not special, it is just the love of God.
My concern to you is If we, Valerian Family, do not stand up, firm, focused, vigilante and hold our ground dearly to take every measure possible to straighten our stand at home and our values, we will always be forced, by both outsiders and insiders, to revisit the very issues that are intended to destroy us i.e. our borders, our land, our home, our rights, our spiritual beliefs, our belongings, our freedom our our legacy for generations to come. Devil is the master liar, manipulator, receptor and illusionists. But our Baptism values tells us to ignore all these things from the devil and deny him any right to access us, moreover, to chase him out.  So we Valerian Family are chasing you out "devil". Good bye forever.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year, 2015, Resolution

Happy New Year, 2015 to you all. Let this year of 2015 be prosperous and full of blessings. Let it bring more of the peace of mind that can nourish both our body and souls. Above all, may you all and your loved ones be blessed by God Jehovah as always.

As living and breathing human being, i believe in the New Year resolutions. I also strive to keep these resolutions practical and alive. However, i would like to admit that keeping up with the new year resolutions all year round is the most difficult thing to do. I'm speaking from the experiences I have ever encountered.