Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Fatherhood Independent Lens On January 8th 2015 Paris, France Terror Attacks & The Diaspora

You think that you have right to impose terror on others by use of violence? When the governments of the world are gonna say enough is enough, you will see the wrath of  the strong arm governments come down on to you than the world has ever thought of. Keep on provoking. Don't let your beliefs, rights, freedom, individual liberty and pursue of your happiness infringe these very rights onto others or pose terror onto others. Don't fight the diviserity, embrace it, or you will be force to face-off with the Governments of the world. I'm just analyzing. Go Figure!
The irony of these Islamist/Arab terrorists are not for solutions as we know it. They are for terror and and more terror to their own people and to the peace of the world.  Their actions don't help them and or their own peoples.  Rather put them and their peoples in the more greater jeopardy.  The question is why do this knowing all the previous examples failed catastrophically? That's the puzzle of all the Islamic and or Arab Terror Organizations that invoke the West to engage in the "Ear On Terror"  and expand the list of the "Sates Sponsoring Terrorism". Of which is more madness to the peace of the world as more vulnerable and ordinary people will suffer from these acts.

Their acts have deteriorated rights and quality of life in their home countries than in the West. The Irony is that their terrorism acts are designed to torment the West. What surprises me us why they cannot think of building or developing something that can better themselves, their livelihood and their loved one in their respective family, clan or community? Why they did not go to their home countries, countries of their origin and engeneer their change, of which by far need greater changes than France or the West for that matter? That's why I say that's their minds are twisted cause no one the right mind will do these things.

We all have social, legal and moral responsibilities to act and make us and our community safe and prosperous.  These terrorists are few and only cling to their twisted minds or ideology in the expenses of the innocent lives of many of us across the global village. They are like vampires or parasites feeding of our precious blood. Majority have tolerance and don't agree with them. Then let us speak out louder than these few are by saying "enough is enough". If you see something, then say something. Two or three of few cannot hold all of us hostage in their twisted mind set.

What the diaspora of the world to the West ought to ask itself is, how to solve problems in their home countries and live in peace in their new homes, hosting countries. Then are the actions of these home grown terror gonna help the diaspora? Why these terrorists don't go to their home countries and impose these so called "values" to there? They have tried and realised that these are failing values that's why are running to the West. Why cant they stay in their home countries than coming to the West and cause so much pain to the diaspora?

The fact the matter is that the diaspora is going to face even greater changes and challenges due to the scrutiny it will continue to get. Look in the past and learn. From 911, London Bombing, Boston Marathon Bombing, Australia Killings, and now French Terror Attacks.

From what i see, It is going to get ugly for the diaspora and to their home countries. It is a simple rule, no one in the right mind can invite someone and let  that guest to terrorize him/her and let such guest to enjoy all the rights at his/her home. This is the cunudrum that the diaspora need to understand very well. To just follow political correctiveness as the main approach will be sugar coating the real and actual facts. Then situation will become "the bubble" that will burst sometimes in the future.  Then to contain situation after the bubble is burst, it will be nightmare.

The real enemy of the diaspora is these meaningless acts of terror that cannot bring anything good to anyone but adding more problems to the people already have mounting problems and giving more powers and rights more rights and powers over the people faced with mounting problems both in the diaspora and in their home countries. That should be the concern of the terror strategy. The terrorist events in the West have gained national and international attention, but have caused more harm to those who propagate them and their counties than to the West. Nothing good came out of all the terrorist acts to the West. Likewise, Terrorism has cause more problem to the humanity than anything else.

The hosting countries are going to defend themselves with whatever they have got. We barely know what they have got, but we have seen their response to many world staged events. Immigrants in the West, by far the most Immigrant welcoming block of the world, should be concerned.

Therefore, in this case my analysis is that "Go Figure!".

May Almighty God, Jehovah, bless you and give you more strength to pass thru all the obstacles and wisdom to navigate through them all.

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