Sunday, January 11, 2015

World Leaders With About 3.7 Million People In Paris Showed Their Solidarity Against Terrorists

Democracy is our stronghold and our common friend against the enemy, terrorism. Today, January 11th 2015, World Leaders together with about 3.7 million peoples showed their solidarity to the democratic french sovereignty against the terrorists and dictators who try to impose their will onto freedom and rights of others. This match on Paris defy terrorism and condemns terror at at its core and at all costs.
This walk of Paris today showed the world a different alternative.  France is know for its famous "French Revolution" that gave birth to democratic government by the people. French Revolution overthrew the monarchy and installed the people's elected government. Today France is once again showing the world that terrorism cannot deter or force free people to loose their values, rights and freedom over tyrants.

Today's event affirms that free people are free because we all are endowed our rights and freedom upon birth by our creator, and not from the king/queen or president or clergy men/woman or tyrants or anyone else. It is worth to point out that the "French Revolution" helped to articulate the expansions of freedom and democracy that the world has ever anticipated.

French revolution helped the American Founding Fathers to form not only government by the people, but for the people and of the people. This "New Deal" sent shortwave to the world's governments to embrace change and renewed representation of the people in the governments.  American survival thus far, proves a lot the meaning of French values in the society. As french revolution paved the pathway, the new deal passed the threshold too. Lives are saved and improved.  Not the terrorism that brings adversity and destruction of lives all across the global.

If there is one thing that terrorism cannot do, is to unite its supporters or the free people to support its cause. In stead, it does unite free people, of good cause and affirm an even far greater alliances that strengthen the society against terrorism, as we are witnessing today in Paris. Terrorism does one thing and one thing only, it creates  terror that terrorize people at their core, then allow them to wake up and defend themselves by all means necessary in combating terrorism itself. This is what we are starting to see initiating.

In my previous post "The Fatherhood Independent Lens On January 8th 2015 Paris, France Terror Attacks & The Diaspora" I said that when the governments of the world will say enough it is enough, will join the firm pact to destroy any and all terror cells at all costs. We have seen these in many B.C & A.D. historic evens, where the governments of the world joined forces to fight the growing threats in the form of wold wide or regional wars. I'm afraid that the trending events are pushing the world to face such options.

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