Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Another Twist On Steve Jobs, Unexpected Findings About His Father; What Is It In Regards To Fatherhood And Up-Bringing Of A Child In Our Community Today?

What a sad twist about Steve Jobs searching for his biological father? I would not want to be his biological father, never, even in a million years. We are talking about Apple Brainer here. Okay, we are discovering that his father was successful business man who was running a very popular and successful restaurant at Silicon Valley, CA. We all know what Silicon Valley, CA mean, the capital of the world’s electronics software inventions that transformed our ways of living into literally the digital generation. What is worse is that his father knew him, saw him come into his restaurant couple of times but never attempted to reach out, and when Jobs discovered that his father was that successful business man that he had been in his popular restaurant infuriated him. I wander what was taking place in the Apple genius’ mind? May he questioned himself without an answer that why his parents gave him up for adoption? He must have had million unanswered questions.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Teen Pregnancy Is Red Flag In The American Society:

As father, I have this growing fear from the alarming increasing number of teen pregnancy in the American Communities. What I don’t understand is what is the outcome of all these in the years to come? How will this shape our future society, generations and most of all the American's Standing in the world Stage? Are we going to enjoy the benefits of America as leading society that every one in the world is attracted to and aspired to be? Are we going to lead on researches, economic powers, military mighty, democratic supporters, and most of all liberators to the oppressed? Or we are going to be seen as bunch of clowns whose society is rooted from teen-pregnancy society, single moms’ generation and welfare dependency community? Because don’t get me wrong, society as whole is going to pay the price of these outstanding numbers of teen pregnancy because they are rooting for single moms/parents and most of all for welfare dependency that will completely crush the so called middle class in America, if any is left from the recent recessions, wall street  bail outs and housing bubbles hanging on the edge. Homeowners are so squeezed to bail out the communities, yet tax paying citizens are squeezed to sporadic spending. Teenagers today feel the only hope is to get pregnant and get welfare, this is hard knock life reality

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Muammar Qaddafi is dead; because like many dictators, he did not understand the first principle that God gave us human through our first parents, Adam and Eva

Many said that he ruled by sword and today he certainly died by the sword. He was killed by his own people that he pretended that he stood for while he brought them tyranny for full four decades plus. Free mind is the best holly gift and incentive God ever gave to man kind. Gaddafi and many dictators failed to understand that freedom is the God’s given gift to every one regardless of who and what we are. You can fool some peoples for sometimes but no one can fool all peoples all the times. Therefore, true and God talented leaders understands that they have to assure that their peoples' true freedom is not touched and or taken away because God will revenge on such leader(s). This is why you saw that many African leaders , majority of them leading like dictators to their peoples, undemocratically did not understand and or appreciate the freedom of peoples of Libya; because they also don’t understand and or appreciate their own fellow citizen’s freedoms and the divine based on God’s instructions. But however, you saw democratic countries understood and supported peoples of Libya yawning and thirst of freedom they never have and Gaddafi was in their way to it; Gaddafi had to go for them to enjoy their freedom.  Remember king Herod was on the way of Jesus coming? But because Jesus had an alternative to move out and a come-back, God spared Herod, but when Herod became more arrogant to his state-men God punished Herod because no one can take  away what is given by God ungodly.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Steve Jobs death as role model to Fatherhood Life

Steve Jobs said That "Listen to your inner voices...some how they are right, stop living other people's life, ideas, dogma... Live your life like Each day is the last Day because some Day it is true... Even People who want To Go to heaven don Want to Die..." He was right because with such mindset in your head everyday you will never waste your Precious last Day In Life chasing wind and who knows what. That's what some people need, to be injected, in their brain and use their  potentials to Better Their future and their loved ones, especially when they are long gone. I mean that plan to leave wealth and wealth infrastructure for your family  instead of debts and losses. Take leasons from the Holly Bible, such as 1 Timothy 5:8, that if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for his immediate family, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.