Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter all

Easter is very crucial and important day for us Christian and all people of the world because it is the day we commemorate the Resurrection of Christ the savior who died on the cross salivating our life all regardless of who we are. He died on the cross for many and certainly for you and me and that is the Honorable Courageous  distinction among us as human being.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lifestyle in the upbringing matters:

I always wander, why we human behave and act the way we do, and in so many different ways? This question put the family in the scrutiny radar and number one drive of shaping one’s life. In this perspective, the kind of family one experience in the upbringing does play the biggest role of all in what kind of person he or she will be. That says it all, that family style can create a monster or the very successful human being. Family styles pours the kinds of spirits that dives our lives every second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year, decade and century. These values are gradually on-set from child hood to maturity during young adult and adulthood. The values we receive from our families from birth to adulthood are the fuel that drives our ambitions that finally determine who we are as person and mainly as active members of community and society at large. This is to say that we are to be very carefully for what kind of family style we want our children to grow about and we ought to remember that this process is gradual and managed.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

“Come to me like a child”

Life is so weird and unpredictable, though human tend to assume predictions, we always fail. This is due to the fact that God, supernatural mysterious Creator, is the master planner of all the plans under the sun. Look at everything the so called leaders and knows it all touch they messy it up, because they want to be God-Like and treated like God, somehow they know it all, but they are just like any other human being, capable of bad and good and most of all selfish. Remember he , the creator, can see us, know what we are thinking, but cannot stop us deciding what we choose to do because he gave our fore-fathers a promise of free-will that we all inherited through the common sin. If you are Christian or Bible scholar you remember the story of Adam and Eve and what lead them to get kicked out of the Garden of Eden by God; free-will and Eva was lured by snake/devil and convinced Adam to follow her lead-committing the sin.
Now, devil do exist, we all agree to that. But I bet you we differ to which way devil come into our lives and to how we pretend to know how devil come into our way, between a man and God. It is very simple even a child knows it, but when we grow and as we tend to use our rationally the more we mess-it up and attract devil and or not be able to use our child-hood skills in love and trust in God, tools that are important to detect and predict evil traps. Remember, Jesus said that God is pleased by children and we are all to go to God as children? That’s is the trick right there, stop using your rational mind and humble yourself to God with humility; that’s all. When you use your rational mind, and you haven’t humble yourself like a child, believe and accept God teaching, then you have no protection from devil, and devil will lure you in so many ways; and no mankind can detect these devils traps. It is so simple, if you lay-down your life to God and trust him like the way the child trust his or her parents devil traps are no brainier. Have you seen the way a child distrust stranger? Or sense things? Likewise, we can do these things, but we tend to interfere this natural process by inducing common sense and common sense without faith and trust in God is not always common sense. How many of you planned things and more than half a time don’t happen as you planned? And many of you are professionals and experts, then why your professional and expertise don’t produce good results at the first place? Because you were lied to believe that you are an expert, and forgot that that there is a master expert and plan it all, God. They say practice makes it perfect, then why certain, many, things no matter how mankind practices, still can not do these things?   It is because we human are created weak, and we lack the spirit and guidance of God/trinity. 
I have simple things that are so difficult for mankind, rational person, to untangle; these are biblical. For example, if one don’t love your children, siblings and or your parents because of deep-seated hatred or evil rooted reasons, certainly such person(s) do not love you a bit. Because for sure no one who loves you from the bottom of his/her heart can dislike the very people who are product of you, procreates you and share very close blood line with you. If you see such a person in your life, stop using rational mind, seek guidance from God because your rational mind can be polarize by pretense of devil, and only God can rescue you from evil traps. Your children, parents and siblings have a very unique and God given bond that is beyond mankind imagination. It is biblical, that your parents are to be respected and love, so if one don’t do that, surely she or he is not your friend and don’t seek goodness to you, your parents, siblings and surely your children. It is simple like that. The world says that a friend of enemy is an enemy and an enemy of enemy is a friend, and vise versa.

Devil come to us but cannot get into us without us accepting him. One accepting devil varies because devil use our weakness to trap us. For example, devil used a snake to lure on Eve and because Adam was strong against devil and weak on Eve he fell through the very simple devil trap. Devil penetrates human mind, rational and life upon our own, human, acceptance of such penetration.  Now the controversial thing here is how to detect the acts of devil manipulation in our life? Many, human, can fall on the very devil trap while trying to untangle such trap, and normally is by using rational that is illustrated in the expert and professionalism. While it is so simple, but to trust in God and follow his commandments just like an obedient child to father is proven more difficult in the mankind. A simple thing like that don’t need expert or professional to untangle, only follow God and obey him as he ordered us to. So submit to him and seek for his guidance because mankind is misleading and has been proven to be used by devil’s traps. Don’t trust men; rather seek God guidance because he is an ultimatum. Thank you all and be blessed.

Finally, God loved us and sent his only begotten son-Jesus-Emmanuel. Guess what?  We killed him by crucified him on the cross through the road/way to Calvary. But before he was publicly condemned to death, through our denial and quick fix decisions, he said that he was the "truth". The "TRUTH" he said then and today is still cumbersome thing for a human to untangle; and that is what makes some to do evil onto others in many ways because make no mistakes evil-do-exist.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

It is not too late to start fatherhood life

It's time we all pitch in raising the children for the betterment of the future generation, our community and society at large. Too many dead-bit dads and drive-by dads in the streets while single moms raising their children without men. Now what kind of men will this turmoil produce? Men act and do things like boys or men who sit aside and let women run the show? Because welfare is taking the role of the absent fathers financially; video-games is replacing the moral and emotional charge; while TVs are taking the role model and role models. My grandma use to say, "If your parents won’t teach you, the world will teach you for sue", and that is exactly what is happening today. Fellas, it is not too late, but as father, be there, play with them, talk to them, assure them that everything will be alright, and be the one they can run to because they have to run to someone and somewhere.  It better be you than the devils hanging in the streets that can consume your child/children and may be come and eat you alive. It is time to cut it loose and not be subject to the statistics, let us open a new chapter.