Thursday, March 6, 2014

Im The Captain Of My Soul, Yet The Master Of My Fate: The Nelson Mandela Exemplary Life

 Saying Goodbye To Legendary Nelson Mandela, Is To Assume Your Responsibility At Home And Carry On To The General Public.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Valerian Family Forgives You Auntie Florentina Masawe

         After what transpired in front of our very eyes, getting caught off-guard with so many precedents and unprecedented issues,  you probably never thought you would hear us, Valerian Family, discussing forgiveness, or issue a next chapter, of forgiveness as strategy to enlighten all who did us wrong.  We have forgave and moved on to the next chapter of life because we cannot re-live a second, minute, hour, day or year ago, but we expect to live the future, God willing for as long as he allow us. Auntie Florentina Masawe and all, now you are about to learn why is forgiveness significant with ethics? 

Importance Of Forgiveness: