Thursday, March 6, 2014

Im The Captain Of My Soul, Yet The Master Of My Fate: The Nelson Mandela Exemplary Life

 Saying Goodbye To Legendary Nelson Mandela, Is To Assume Your Responsibility At Home And Carry On To The General Public.

The lesson here is simple and exemplary. William Ernest Henley in one of his poems he said that "I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul". This is as powerful as examining and internalizing the successful life and leadership of Legendary of our times, President Nelson Mandela. We can teach one another about his struggles and successes. One thing he is for, is humanity at its best through his selflessness, forgiveness, compassion, tolerance, and content with imperfections of life for the better good of all/majority, even when he had to give up something sentimental in his personal life. That is what made him legendary and completely different from majority of us, yet he was a simple human with many imperfections like us all. That is what a parents should strive to pass on to their children and children's children.

A caring parent should still assumes his/her responsibilities to teach and pass on the good deeds, although we may fail and tramp on the same good deeds, we have to keep on trying. Because parenting is a sacred duty that worth to pass on to our children, an important lesson. That's what make us parents and not strangers to the kids, and what you say and or do, does directly impact the lives of your children. Mandela's life is not a teachable moment for leaders or politicians only, it is also a teachable moment to just about any other individual. In this case the teachable moment for parents on how to parenting the kids.

Kids need parents and parents need to behave like parents so that kids can behave like kids. Family is a small institution/organization, whereby specialization has proven to create productivity efficiently and effectively. Leadership, mannerism, ethics, morality, religion and charity all start at home/family, as principle make up of an institution/organization.  Remember that, "An Apple Don't Fall Far Away From Its Tree". Thus, it is indeed to do the same thing everyday with expectations of different results is insanity or to plant corn and expect to harvest soy beans is loosing touch with the reality.

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