Friday, April 26, 2013

Biblical Human Psychology Taught By My Fathers

One will wonder why the title says that I numeral or plural Fathers! It is because we all have more than one Father. Everyone has biological Father, Guardian or Step Father, Role Model or Father Figure, Spiritual or God-Father and above all our Father Who Art In Heaven Lord God Jehovah. They all have meaningful landmark in our presence and life as whole. They have taught us something significant in our lives and they have raised and protect us during the time that we were and when we are vulnerable and defenseless, in our childhood, old age, sickness and all the times of need we have been and we will be through, they have been there for us and thus makes them to be titled as “Our Fathers”.

Ripple Effects Of The Sequestration

As we all know that the law that triggered the ongoing Sequestration was passed by US Congress and signed by US President back in 2011 during the end of the year Grand Bargaining. Many of us and the media have put the focus of the ripple effects mainly on the Defense and recently FAA. But this very bad piece of legislation, as we know it, is bad for everything and every aspect of human life to all Americans.  For example, l just received this email from the Department of Education stating the following:

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Thanks God We Got Them/Him, Boston Marathon Terrorists

 During Boston Marathon when IED, home made bombs, exploding near the finishing line of the iconic peaceful Boston Marathon of April 15th 2013, whereby people from all over the world attends this international event. Picture retrieved from

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston Marathon Terrorist Attack on April 15th 2013

Boston Marathon Terrorist Act of April 15th 2013. Picture by

Yesterday evening uncivilized and heartless human beings attacked the very beauty of humanity that every freedom lover and free human strives for, the iconic Boston Marathon that celebrates life, freedom, liberty and pursue of happiness. In their mental mind, the terrorists, thought that they will terrorize us all and make us to stop pursuing these very crucial values of forging the enduring perfect union that we all inherited from our founding father; who crossed the Atlantic, pacific, Indian and Mediterranean to come to the new world, the Americas.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Every One/Nation Has The Right To Preemptive Action:

It is law of the land, international law and Biblical that everyone and nation has a right to preemptive action. Thus, North Korea for announcing its preemptive war actions against the US unprovoked and its actions on its own people and the South Korean, gives US the same right to use and exercise its preemptive actions against its emerging public enemy number one, the North Korea.