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Thanks God We Got Them/Him, Boston Marathon Terrorists

 During Boston Marathon when IED, home made bombs, exploding near the finishing line of the iconic peaceful Boston Marathon of April 15th 2013, whereby people from all over the world attends this international event. Picture retrieved from

Since Thursday, April 18th 2013, the Boston law enforcement, State Police, FBI, volunteer, Military personal and emergency responders collaboratively and tirelessly chased the Boston Marathon Terrorist Attack suspects brothers Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (19) and Tamerlan Tsarnaev (26). The saga started after the massive data evaluation that pin-pointed them plotting the homemade bomb-IED that killed 3 on Monday April 15th 2013 during Boston Marathon Terrorist Attack and injured more than 150.
Man hunt of the survived Boston Marathon Terrorist, suspect, that lead to shut-down of Boston and its sub-urban. The man hunt by all factions of law enforcement in our time. Picture retrieved from

The saga started after their picture and footage went viral online as prime suspects. They then attempted to rob a convenient store, supposedly to get some cash or things that will help them to survive the escape. In the process of escaping they killed Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Police Officer Sean Collier and the Tamerlan Tsarnaev (26) was also killed. This lead the mounting footage of the law enforcement to zero-in and aim powerful laser like radar to the escapee Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (19). This man hunt of our time lead Boston and its sub-urban to be on the curfew for about 22 hours, displaying full fledge muscles of the US mighty powers on man-hunt in the modern era. This saga ended approximately 9pm ET, 22 hours after the terrorists popped-up in the law enforcement radar. Hence, fugitive Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was not willing to give up yet US law enforcement was not giving-in neither. However, they found him wounded, recoiling inside a boat almost helplessly. He was then arrested On Friday April 19th 2013 about 9pm in the Water-town Area, the Suburban of Boston Massachusetts.; and he is given the fist class healthcare at an elite hospital in the world. The beauty of America, you better love it. Other places he would have been stoned to death by angry civilians. But we are under rule of law where human life is sanctified with equality regardless.
Boston Marathon Terrorist Attack suspects brothers Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (19) and Tamerlan Tsarnaev (26). Picture retrieved from

It is still amazing that so many people who are here in America and or outside of America still don’t understand America and all they wish is to cause harm on American people as if somehow their actions will change the way of life, culture, and or beliefs of the American People(s). That is just a lie, self-fulfilling prophesy, fallacy and unrealistic fantasy. These people need to ask themselves this key question before they even think to act on their self-poisonous thoughts. Who are the American people? What characterize the American people? Why there are the American people? If they cannot answer these key fundamental questions and get it right, they should sought to understand the very answer to these questions. All these questions, if answered correctly one will find aligned more with the American people than his/her own government and or leaders. Because American people are made up with people from all the corners of the world, all creeds, all cultures, all religions, all nations, all beliefs, all tribes, and all nationalities. These are Americans and their people are the ones that makes America great and the shining star on the earth, the only super power. Terrorist never kill only Americans, they kill people from many parts of the world and nothing justify their cause or actions, even though they are suicidal. 
April 19th 2013, about 9pm, Bostonian celebrating the capture of the Boston Marathon Terror attack suspect after hours of man hunt that lead to Boston City shut down. Picture retrieved from

The Boston Marathon Terror attack and the September 11th World Trade Center Terror attacks are the vivid examples of reliance of the above questions that anyone who hates or is prone to hate America should ask themselves. Because both of these incidents, have killed and injured many who are either nationals or have long-holding roots to all the corners of the world, all creeds, all cultures, all religions, all nations, all beliefs, all tribes, and all nationalities, including the terrorist’ owns.

One has to wonder, Muslims who adore and use terrorism as the way of forcing their Islamic way of life onto others have caused more chaos and deaths of innocent lives than their supposedly questionable enemy, they are pretending to fight. Muslim fundamentalist and Jihad have killed fellow Muslims than all dictators of Islam world combined. The world is left to wonder, what does this people want and what are they fighting for? Freedom, power, or what? There is no specific answer and or clear agenda or a thing they want except for clich√©s and unfit agendas. They have killed innocent people of their own more than what they claim their enemies did. This is the conundrum that poor sick minded and American’s haters like these two Russian/Chechnyan Boston Marathon Terror attacks lads, Pakistanian Time Square Bomber and Nigerian Underwear Bomber could not untangle in their rational mind that they are brain washed and indoctrinated to do harm, contrary to what their own beliefs should be the outcome of their actions. They are facing the evil world, with so little experience to help them resist the power of the evil and their-know it all attitude get them to the places of no return. They hate something themselves they love and bad enough it characterizes their own lives.

If you hate America so bad, why don’t you stay in your home and do thing in your ways in your own freedom? Why come and disturb the peace of people who have nothing to do with your misery life? The miseries of many people in the world are caused by these people’s leaders. Who don’t want democracy? Leaders who operate national or provincial government like a family business or a social club with very closed tied friends. The outcome is always displaced anger. They then use propaganda machine that their miseries are caused by America. How and why? Because these leaders envy America, plain and simple. Look North Korea and Venezuela, how does America cause them to sufferer? Did America asked Hugo Charves to give its oil like candies to other countries as a way of advancing its political agenda by buying out allies? Why it did not pour all that oil in the OPEC/World Oil Market stake holders and gain economic mighty like most Arabic kingdoms? Because it thought that American way of life, capitalism is bad but communism and playing victim would help. How did that help Venezuela in the long run? Building up more hatred toward America and certainly killing the economy that should be doing way much better than it is. Civilian will surfer more and probably blame America for it of which America did nothing to cause this problem. That is sad and laughable at the same time.

I know how playing victim can torment and sabotage development of someone or a nation first hand. I have known people who plaid victim on each and everything. Even the very things that were there to help them to accomplish something significant and monumental in their lives, they could not distinct these events, rather apply their usual ways of playing victim. I call this kind of people been infected by “Victimology Syndrome” and there is nothing me or you or anyone for that matter to help them. The only help that will work is to let them keep on complain and play victim until when they snap out of it, if they will ever do. This is done in such a way that one can be able to reflect his/her actions like someone has the mirror in front of them and reflect each and every actions, thoughts and words for the public to see, include themselves. This kind of doze is intense and need no sympathy, rather empathy, to understand the level of infection these people have got and apply a necessary dose. Normally hand over or sympathy to these people infect with “victimology syndrome” tends to escalate their sporadic entitlement behavior and fast forward their needs to find the villain to act/lash-out of. Often for many people of the World, because America/Americans envy the world, it tend to become the "Villein" or direct victim of "Victimology Syndrome".

"Victimology Syndrome" victims don’t know that Americans work hard to get what they got and keep what they have got. They don’t know that Americans have no sense of entitlement, rather believe in hard world and reward the success with the society that gives everyone, including immigrants, equal opportunities; and this is the fabric of the American people and their way of life. No one has any right to make America to compromise of its way of life, culture, and its fabrics viable community/society. America will not conform to anyone any how because American people are resilient and have got the titanium-backs to stand for what they believe in regardless of who and what the world may have think about her nature. No one should be apologetic to his/her ways of life if they are concurrent with respect to human life and human rights; this is what America is all about. If you are one of  the believe out there, America is your partner in progress and not an enemy, regardless of what pundits, indoctrinators and or critics may be saying out there as terrorists recruitment tool.

Everyone has a right to choose his/her path, making decisions. Be mindful that each and every decision we make about our paths has only two results, good or bad. The choice is yours to make. OBL, the Underwear Bomber and these two Russian lads, to name a few, had choices to make and they decisively decided on to act as they did.We all know the results, and they aint pretty. Stop applying the"Victimology Syndrome". In stead work hard on progress your life, community and society's at large. Dont be selfish as the terrorists are, they only care for their agenda at the expenses of innocent human lives.. 

These people are Jihads, who are amongst Muslim community aiming to kill innocent people as way to terrorizing others and force their agenda. They have no love for humanity and or civilization as we know it. Politicians correctness, makes it harder and cumbersome dealing with these people, who are willing to kill others including themselves. For whatever reasons they often miscalculate  the terrorists motives and it does cost innocent lives. Until we deal with these terrorists threats as they are in their nature, we will have in-fights on how to deal with these enemies, something that embolden the enemy that we may have not wanted to from the first place. We have to come to the realization that we are at war and we need a strategy because evil does exist in them and strategically "United We Must Stand". War without a plan and strategy is the losing war. We have to stop pretending that we are not at War with Jihads that is hiding in the Islam. Together with fellow Musilm we must work on how to resolve this problem to minimize, if not to eliminate cost of innocent lives. Negating the problem that is vivid is not leadership and dont serve the long lasting purpose of the very nature of existence of the US of As. Go Figure. So, Go Figure! May God bless the US of As.

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