Friday, August 17, 2012

The Independent Lens On 2012 General Elections: Are Governor Romney's Tax Rate & Tax Returns An Insult To American People?

On the Tax Rates: Governor Mitt Romney produced only one year of Tax return. We know he paid taxes at required tax level as per Bush-Tax-Cuts Act/Law. What is puzzling is the rate Mr. Romney and his fellows pays in taxes and vow to strive to serve them more tax-cuts as soon as he wins the election. They will throw everything on the kitchen sink because they really don’t want to go back to President Clinton-era of prosperity for all by paying taxes equally by percentage as per income. I understand that this world is fair by all means, but with the current economy and unbalanced systemic advantages to rich getting richer and poor are getting poorer; it exceptionally not fair to favor the rich to pay low percentage over the poor or middle class who are paying higher percentage. The loop-holes Governor Romney and his fellows uses, Capital Gain Tax-Rates, are as bad as not paying taxes. How could anyone think of creating jobs by cutting PELL grants, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security and Cut Taxes to the millionaires at the same time? With my glimpse of economics I don’t get it.

On the Tax Return: I will ask you if you have ever applied for Federal Job that pays at least $29,000 and above a year. They asks you to release at least 5 years of tax returns and your ten years activities like school, addresses, employment, membership e.t.c. Did Governor Romney ask Congressman Ryan to produce only 1 year of Tax Return when he was vetting him to become his running mate? I doubt it because he is known to be very cautious and calculative. Then why he is giving you and me, tax payers, only 1 year of tax Return for the most important job in the universe? My wild guess and instincts are that, Governor Romney has made calculations of what we will find out from his taxes will be more damaging than not providing the taxes therefore he is taking that risk. Even GOP has called for him to release his taxes all along since the primary election but he refused and he will keep on refusing. Is that what we want as president? The hypocrisy is that he is accusing President Obama for secrecy. You see, they think that it is about who is snitching first to get the plea-bargain deal by American people. Have you watched The Manchurian Candidate movie?  Go watch it again and draw conclusion by your own.  What hypocrisy of him on taxes to the American People?

Did you hear Governor Romney yesterday saying that he is paying taxes about “14 percent of something like that”? To me that is the mockery of American people and especially the middle class. Yet he want him and his crew to pay less taxes. Really? Who is in the middle class pays such tax rate? Are we so rich we don’t want those tax cuts that GOP is fighting tooth and nail for the millionaires? Give me a break please. In my property alone I pay arm and leg to support the community. This year I could barely make it with little that I make, and yes, my taxes are about 30% just like many Americans. We deserve a candid politician who can represent our pain and suffering and not the silver spoon politicians who don’t know what is it to be the true middle class, nearly poor or going without a lot of things that few takes advantage of.

I’m sorry, Governor Romney need to know that this is serious business and people’s life are in line for the kinds of decisions leaders make. It is not about calculating his own political game/gain only. We the people need and deserve to know what he is hiding in his tax returns. This is not the Bertha issue conservatives run with it against Obama, this is the core of someone who is seeking to become president and make decisions that will affect us all and the world. That’s why we need true and fair tax reform that will close loop-holes for tax havens that benefits millionaires like Governor Romney and Corporate owners who are lobbying and donating millions to people who will safe guide their interest such as lower taxes and deregulation. They can make campaign contributions, but if we are smart they cannot buy our votes. Let’s us all look and focusing on what we really want, and not what the politicians and their commercials think we want or want us to want what they think. Then we will speak to them about what we really want through the ballot boxes; it bust be the loudest voice and clear as it can be.

On the Economy: Can Mitt and Ryan tell us word to word, step by step how does cutting PELL Grants, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security and increase taxes (Safety-Nets) to the millionaires help us, little peoples/middle class and the economy in general? Didn’t we try this voodoo economics during President Bush 43rd and end up with the 2008 economic meltdown? We all want the President Clinton-era economy and that’s exactly what President Obama has been beating drums and proposed for. This is the prosperity for all and not Governor Mitt and Congressman Ryan’s voodoo economic principles that are well articulated from Bain Capital and Congressman Ryan’s budget principles of austerities. We know it, lived it and it benefits few while majority are left out to fend-for themselves.

Look how economy is proposed by the GOP, it is like survival for the fittest because cuts for everything that don’t benefit people like them and extra benefits to their constituencies without regard to all people as whole. Very ideological, America is for all in it and not to some by assimilation or whatever the standard it is. For example, they ask for no regulations at all, it is like live in the community without codes or laws enforcement. How will such community look like? Is that possible? If not why pondering on less regulations on Wall-street or drilling or pollution or water? This is no longer wild-west phenomenon. Welcome to the 21st century that ask us all to transform and if we resist change by maintaining status quo, the world is and will continue to shift beneath us while the rest matching forward. That is what will affect us all, GOP, Independents and Dems, if we resist to act collectively.

Sometimes we can be our own worst enemies; the question whether we know it or not, because we are running out of time on some key issues that gives us an edge in the world stage. We are and will still be powerful, but we will happen to work harder ten times than if we acted yesterday or today. We can’t relieve the yesterday, but for sure we all can live tomorrow and the future. Also it is important to know that we can’t have it all and that will never happen, GOP, the question of voting “NO” for everything for the past 3 and half years is not because you did not have another alternative, it is because of your own personal gain and not the gain for the country collectively. Nothing Congress can pass for only one person, with exception of “Terry Schiavo’s Act” only aimed to her life. The rest of the laws were and are benefiting Americans. At what magnitude, it is remained to be seen and for that it is impossible to vote “NO” for everything and expect to help American and the economy.  

As I always illustrate American tax paying system as something that benefits us all collectively than any other nation. Actually it is vice-versa; they are running toward America and seek to be part of America. All economic indicates the rich and middle class outside the America favor to invest in America, and are having dollar accounts instead, i.e. Europeans and Asians. If it is so bad I don’t see the opponents rushing to move to Somalia where there is very less government, no taxes and no regulations. Until then, I can continue to prove to the opponents that their ideological philosophy in economics is voodoo economics. Ask yourself why people run to No doubts, economy is not at the level that it needs to be and for that many are suffering.

However, America can prosper  here at home, unlike the rest of the world. This is due to what President Obama said at Norfolk, Virginia, that American government and “this unbelievable American system” we have is geared to foster ingenuity, prosperity, invention, and if one works hard can make it. It is the American dream and exceptionalism, like not any other place in the universe. But, of course, Mitt Romney and GOP deny that, they are for corporate welfare and call corporations people. Fine, it is like the chicken and egg game. Who came first? If corporations are people, then people are corporation and without people there is no corporations.

I wander what are they thinking in their private thoughts? Whatever their private thoughts are, again, I call for them to move to Somalia and see how Somalian system will benefit them to prosper. Oh!!! I forgot, they can move to China, the second world's economy, and see if they can do as better as here in the USA. They deep down knows what Obama said is true and whole truth, but they like divisive politics, and you know what they accuse Obama for that instead. I guess that is politics after all.

What I have witnessed and analyzed in the years I spent observing politics, governance, management, policies and democracy, is that, both GOP and Dems share a belief that the longer they say something over and over, in the long-run it will somehow stick into peoples' ears and heads and become the truth. This is how they think of us, regardless of how untrue the things they say over and over again, and double down on them by ads. well, it might be true to ideological, and faith driven people; but for us, passionate on facts and issues driven people, we tend to draw conclusions based on the facts and issues, period. Unfortunately, the world of digitization information is out there for grab and we have a lot to conclude upon the facts and issues. Thanks to Information Technology and Information System that allow us to become good decisions makers. They forget that there are intellectual people out there who are not emotionally driven toward the GOP or Dems talking points of assimilation, whatever that is; rather, we are facts driven and issue oriented. These people are the "Independents". Thanks God we have the "Independents" voting block in this nation, otherwise we could have major problems like many other countries. These are the fruits of the "this Unbelievable American System" by the founding fathers that helps us all to have check and balance, brotherhood keepers, and opportunities for everyone to have a bite of the American Pie, if one works hard. May God bless you and May God bless the USA.   

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Valerian II Masao said...

Thank you for the complements and remarks. It is true that we have to be smarts or we will always have the the dejavu of the Manchurian Candidate movie every general election cycling 4 years. Get enlightened and ask yourself what is it the leaders are looking for and what are they willing to put in the political system for the betterment of majority. Passing healthcare Obama lost political capital, but he is gaining from the majority of Americans who will not file bankruptcy due to healthcare. Is Gov. Rooney's tax cut for the rich benefit him as rich guy? Then is he there for the personal gain as well and level-up for his club members speaking in the close doors? Why is hiding his investments and tax cut but he want us to trust him? We should celebrate his success, and he should lead us to do so, not the way he is leaving us speculating. Oh!!!! He is private person, then why run for public office???????????????????????????

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