Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Independent Mind On 2012 General Election Issues

Taxation: If you don’t want to pay tax or you think American government is too big for you why not leave for Somalia where there is no tax or government on your back? I have not seen these so called business people who hate Obama moving their business to Somalia yet. Also the businesses in Romney's counter ad on this issue, the one in New Hampshire received about $88,000 of stimulus money. Did any individual person received any single cash sent? We have been in this road of tax cut on the rich for long. The positions on policies indicate that bankers and outsources are for super profit and Romney is their pick candidate; they will spend their billions in this election and many to come, but they won’t be able to buy our votes as individuals.

Tax Payers Resources (Government) as Pro Business: This is contentious issue and the facts are American Government is pro-business that's why USA is prosperous among most governments of the world. Personally, that's why I left Africa for America. I don’t see American business leave for Africa in the argument that they need less government; sure African has less government and some parts of Africa have no government at all. This issue is the election politics fallacy that aimed to distort voters. Tax payer do contribute a lot in the American ingenuity taking off, while Americans aspires to think big and take personal risk inventing new technologies, medicine, and products. That’s why America has strongest patent and intellectual property laws. Be informed.

Multitude of President Obama and GOP In-Fights: Put yourself in Obama's shoes. You are a new manager, for instance, and the supervisors who are to help and implement your plan, before even you enter the new office, said their number one job is to take you down and everything you say is subjected to the big "NO". Mind you that you can’t fire them or impose any plan, rather them doing things as they see fit in their underlining plan. Do you think you will be able to become an effective manager and produce goods and services at the level you project? That is the situation we are facing. However, I think that we the people do like to be lied upon by politicians, at the same time we get angry when they do implement their lies. We are the problem, sometimes. We are not fact driven, rather ideologically motivated. Just ideology, ideas are not facts. So there, don’t insult someone else intelligence, because of just ideas, condemn the acts. In order for the government to work Congress need to act as well. There are million ways to think why GOP is not supporting many of traditional issues that US presidents get. In results All Americans suffer from such contentious and polarized political environment. Get informed and analytical on issues. It takes two to tangle, and president has no power of unanimous decisions to pass key policy issues that can effect economy. This is not Red China, this is USA, democracy. No magic bullets on the economy. We can’t live in the fantasy world; we need to live in the reaville. Tax cuts were tried and didn’t produce the untendered results. Instead richer got richer and poor got poorer. That is the fact, so a rational person won’t want to double down on this road. Instead we tend to look for an alternative. We want such person; Obama has proven to provide such alternative. Governor Romney indicates to double down on the policies that brought us to this present, tax cuts for the wealthy.

Size of the Government: Most of conservatives cried out loud about cutting spending and cut the government. That happened after the 2010 congressional win that gave them the house and most states legislation. In results, many people were fired, terminated and unemployment went up and keep on coming up. Still the same people who got what they want are now even crying out launder that unemployment is higher and higher and that President Obama is responsible for that. Ask yourself is that true and fair? He did not call for that, American people called for that by mandating GOP to do just that. Trust me; the same American people are facing the hardship, while GOP, the greatest Houdini to my view, is doing just fine. To my view GOP and Dems are like Houdini when comes to the ideological battles, I can figure out the rational on one or the other and always left out hanging on the issue. All takes sides and in results their fight is like elephant fights that affect trees and small animals in the jungle. Be enlightened and don’t fall on the talking points.

Contrasts Among Candidates: Governor Romney's conservative leadership skills are great. I will trust him with my business anytime because he can lead a company and bring me profit. But as a public figure, he stands on all angels of issues and sometimes we want someone who can stand on one issue, no matter how contentious it is, focusing on it like lacer can be good for the nation. In this case killing of OBL and numerous AQ leaders, rescuing Detroit, winding down costly wars, Obama Care and ongoing regulating the Wall-Street were key success of Obama.  In all these issues Governor Romney has flip-flopped and he takes no position and that double down on many doubts that Americans already have on who is Governor Romney. As good business leader, he was responsible for stake holder’s income and his own. But as he is using such business success to seek presidency, his business successes are haunting him because he engaged in deals, legal, that somehow are hurting American jobs and economy. i.e. outsourcing, closing unprofitable business to save stakeholders’ money, paid low tax rate than ordinary Americans and investing/banking in other countries. It is perfectly legal as business person, but as leader and US President it can become shady. I will not want such person to be my leader because he has no interest in people like me, ordinary American, I’m sorry. He can clear all these issues just as we now know about his Tax-plan that is Bush Tax Cuts, no new news here.

Responsibility: I believe in personal responsibilities that also should reflect in the institutional and organizational responsibilities because our decisions good or bad affect one another one way or the other. Thus, the responsible way is to all have personal responsibilities; from Wall Street banks, government at all levels, leaders and individual citizen in the community. For example, I think parents should contribute to the school system so that they can strive to get the desired outcome to their children’s outcome. The entitlement mentality we have starting at personal level is now reflecting at the national fiscal status. Remember federal government did not spend that money in China, but here in America for the very things that a responsible citizen could assume to make a difference at all level. Thus school example is vivid when you compare between private and public schools. When I pay $500 tuition a month plus additional supply and transportation costs, I follow up and demand results. Not all parents can afford that but they can afford $200. That will improve education, cut property cost and improve communities and restore personal responsibility in the community. Make no mistakes; we are not politically monogamous people or community. There are things that I completely disagree with President Obama; likewise I have things that I completely agree with Governor Romney.  
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