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Rep: Paul Ryan Is The Governor Romney’s VP Choice: The Austerity Cuts Politics

Today, the Massachusetts’s Governor Mitt Romney and the GOP Presidential nominee has selected Congressman Pau Ryan of Wisconsin and Chairman of Congressional Budgeting Committee to be his Vice President and running mate in the November 6th 2012 general elections. Paul Ryan has been the shining star of the Tea-Party and conservative movement, which has mixed of many things but not the politics of growth spending and tax increase for even a cent. Movements are not monogamy, but are often driven by common cause with ideology; one can characterize Tea-Party as such. Congratulations Congressman Paul Ryan.

Austerity Cuts Politics Are Painful With Little Growth, Won’t Benefit Majority:

It doesn’t dot take a PHD in Economics to figure this out. It is so simple. The current economy is due to greedy of many and powerful who gamed the system for their own selfish gains. Some cashed out, paid little tax from available and legal tax loop-holes, some run ponzi schemes that are results of less regulations caused by self-regulated markets philosophy, and some spend too much for things that need little or no spending at all. Combining these factors, of course, as an individual, organization or institution you will either run bankrupt or attain huge deficit by accumulated debt burden. That is simple thing for anyone to figure out.

What is difficult is its politics that is always divisive and in results tend to hypnotize us, we-the-people, too often to focus not on the solutions of the problems we are facing, rather the talking points that are passionate to our principles to win our hearts and minds. I call such tact the Houdini principle. It is Houdini principle because it shifts our focus from solving the true problems that we all want to and deal with what we like and believe into. I’m sorry; solving problems has nothing to do with likes and don’ts but the facts. Solutions are not based on like and don’ts, rather the facts and possible dose to resolve and prevent the problems. The true prescription of infectious disease is not based on if so and so as patient likes antibiotics or not. It is about which antibiotics regimen and dose will cure the infection. It has to be based on the scientific facts. Whether such person likes antibiotics or not; the question is, for instance, will the aspirin cure us in each and every disease we face under the sun? The answer is no, because some of us will prefer to take aspiring for every disease and nothing else.

Paul Ryan, the Congressional Budgeting Committee and GOP introduced the commendable proposal that will introduce the austerity cuts as he named it that will control spending, fixing the date and lower taxes. These are very colorful words that feels so nice in our ears, tongues and brain because we all wish these things to happen and get done as they feel by magic bullet. But will these rose painted picture by Paul Ryan be so and get the so hearted desired ambitions? Of course not. GOP went even farther, painting themselves as the party of solution and the only true lovers of this great nation by taking the Oath architected by their money making machine corporations that they will not raise taxes. But do you know that the architectures of the no tax and no regulations are the biggest big corporations and funder and donor of the so called Tea-Party and fiscal cliff preventers? Their prescription feels very good but they don’t have enough doses to cure the infectious disease this country is facing financially and deregulations in the key areas. Don’t get me wrong, not all regulations are good and certainly not all deregulations are bad either. What is needed is balancing.  

They demanded cuts in spending, after they won most state and local legislatures in 2010, they cut spending by firing people in the state and local governments, that results in more higher unemployment and hardship to ordinary people. But, surprisingly, they are still blaming Obama for that, and calling him “the blamer”, although he worn that this would happen. Really? One person has caused all these? While these poor wolf crying GOP who said “NO” for everything thing that this big giant portrayed Obama guy has proposed, including increasing tax that will go in the debt and deficit control, is to blamed and that he hates America and he is not an American. Is that true?

Put this way, at your home, if you are facing a financial hardship you look at earnings and spending. Then you try to reduced unwanted things by keeping the needed things, then look for an area of growth. That is simple; can you cut gas spending and start walking to work? That is cut spending, is int. can you cut your children’s education? Or tell the older child who is working to contributing less and less while you are cutting the little children’s education and gas, and then food, that way the older kid can be able go to work and prosper; at the same time cut medical and nursing care to the sick grandma because her spending is increasing the fiscal donut hall? That is cutting and Paul Ryan’s architectures to their solutions of no raising tax but to cut more and more. Solution is to cut some programs that we can go without and increase tax that we can afford to foster growth. Tell that child we can afford school, grandma can afford medication but we can pitch in doing nursing without hire a home care giver, tell the older child that he can contribute more whenever possible, tell mom we can eat home and no more eating out, and tell dad that the gas guzzler got go we need a compact or sedan car and less unnecessary trips are out of the window. That is what we do at home Dems and GOP. So don’t tell us there is no additional needed tax, yet you all want huge paychecks, tax loop-holes from our very little people taxes.  

Now to them Dems, they cry out that they are for the little people and people like them, but they are not themselves. They are like wolves in the lamb skin. Look at wall-street, they put regulations that are so cumbersome even officers who are to implement them can’t even explain. In results, the too-big to fail, as we were told after the 2008 economic meltdown and fiscal Armageddon of the world, got even bigger and Dodd & Fran regulations can’t touch them now. They have good ambitions and ideas about little people, they intend to fight for such course, but their way of doing so is so vague, at the end little people still remains little people. They are like a movement, and movement need to have a theme and course. These are the weakness in and itself. They need to have faith and principle. The nice quote as a lesson to them is that of a famous man I forgot who that is said something like that person who don’t stand for something will then follow anything, like a wind and flag type. To some of us who have principles and always seek facts to support such principles, we see that as fundamental philosophical fault to always win minds of others.

Let me say again, it sounds so good what politicians tells us but it is often not the solution of our problems, because politicians studies what we, the people, want to hear and capitalize on them focusing like a laser. They are good at using our weakness that often fall on self-fulfilling-prophesy, by telling us what we exactly want to hear and not what is it to be told as per facts and based on the situation. Therefore, the unbalanced prescription on fixing this fiscal mess can be afforded on your back if you go ahead with the self-fulfilling prophesy. Look after financial meltdown, the rich who lost most money from the investments, 3 years now, they got even richer. At all level politicians are increasingly not having incentives to fix problems rather to kick can down the road and we all help them to do so. It is like been at work with no accountability or someone to keep you responsible. You will do whatever you feel pleased, that is human nature. Likewise, the corporations would like to have allies, and if politicians are not in check and can pass laws and regulations to favor corporations and corporation have money to contribute to their campaigns that will keep them in powers, put the puzzle together and conclude what you will get out of this scenario. This is just my look of things in life. God bless you and the United State of America.

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