Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Congressman Paul Ryan You Are Not Responsible Leader As You Claim To Be

Congressman Ryan, you aint responsible leader as you claim to be; it is a far stretch and political chase. Passing just budget that has partisan ideology without regards to all Americans is not being responsible leader as you are going around the country pondering you and Governor Romney are great leaders. Great leaders get things done and doing so responsibly. Not all Americans do have amnesia, remember that. You as great leader you claim to be, voted for all the wars that were not paid for and voted for increased spending when President Bush was in the office. But when Obama became president you became the leader of the part of “NO” to everything supporting President Obama to win in the economy. The win in the economy is winning to America. Your number one job was and is to make sure President Obama is not win reelection. In the process you and your party held American progress in hostage. You want your century back because Obama is in the office. We hear that we know that and you as GOP leader said and did just that. You want your country back from whom? I wonder, from president Obama? How about Congress as whole passing bills that can become law instead of wasting tax payers’ money by passing bills that are rooted to bridge to nowhere? That is fraud to pass something that you know and you engineered the environment for it to be defeated and not to become law.

How can you improve economy by just cutting programs that benefits the poor and increase programs that benefits the wealthy/millionaire, more tax cut? Is that what you call responsible leadership? Or is becoming the greatest puppet of making sure Governor Romney and his fellows are increasingly becoming more rich and so yourself to step in the club of millionaires? I doubt if you’re sincere on these issues; and you are using double standards illustrating leadership qualities and responsibility. The politics has become like game and people of both far right and far left have become infected of craving to hear what they want to hear only. It is sort of like preaching to the choir. But make no mistakes, there are independents and moderates who sits back and watch, analyze and the reach conclusion. It may be good politics to win the election but not good politics to govern. Look at Governor Romney in the primaries how he brutalized his opponents and ended up far more right and now almost lost in the woods. Who would think that he won’t even provide his tax returns? With all honesty, he knows that it’s all about tax loop-holes he don’t want close because they benefit people like him in the Houdini economic practice that somehow these loop-holes provides jobs and economic growth.

When come to Medicare, you are forgetting your own principle in economics, cut fraud, increase responsibilities to providers and maximize access and care to patients. How many have you seen these wheelchairs for sale and government is paying for but some patients don’t need them but since government is paying for they can just get them. That is kind of waste Obama care is providing. How about patients who get same care in less at the same time in different states? How about unnecessary provider’s cares that need not specialists, rather primary dr. or urgent care, or same repetitive treatments that can be preventive from the first place? Do you call that abuse or you just don’t like to reduce such spending? How about discriminatory acts/practices of providers and insurances toward women or people with preexisting conditions? Do you want to end these? If yes to any of these cares and benefits, then you are for Affordable Care Act (Obama Care). Then why preaching the quire of something you know that you are wrong? To make matters worse, GOP and Governor Romney are not saying what are they going to replace Obama Care with? All they are pondering for is repealing Obama Care. It is preaching to the choir

The responsible leaders time and time again were able to articulate signature bills that became laws by approvals of all branches of government i.e. Congress, Judicial and Executive. Your budget is irresponsible than any other bill in American history because it only passed your chamber and fellow GOP in the House Of Congress, then gets slammed by all independent measure and majority of the nation. I’m surprised that you claim to be the leader get credit for that budget bill of yours. If American standard is that low, then we are finished. You are divider in chief and to mask that you are calling your opponent exactly who you know and articulate to be behind doors. Look at your signature budgeting bill that gave raise to exactly your hard-core right wing constituency; you may be hero to them, but to become hero to Americans as nation of all as we know it, you have to be able to forge a way of getting things done by approval of many. Approval of right wingers as you have will get you somewhere but not the finishing line. You are running against Obama Care and Medcare because it is popular for your people, but look at the detrimental of the mandate you are asking for. Obama Care as we know it is the law of land and it is not going anywhere. While wasting time on it, is galvanizing and resonating to many Americans. Before you know it, it is going to be all about your budgeting philosophy that couldn’t pass even the US senate, and that is what we don’t want. We want leaders who can get things done and finalize leadership to the finish line. To run fast is not the only solution in the marathon, rather to run fast steady and hold the leading line to the finishing line is the solution of a leading marathon. You two are vilifying your opponent, President Obama, for the same things you are doing, partisan ideology in the functions of government.

You know that Congressman Ryan did not help President Obama to stop job bleeding at his first two years. He got in the office January 2009 we were losing 700,000+ jobs a month, stocks were crashing and TARP is the only thing rescued the economy. Congressman Ryan voted for the 1st TARP when President Bush was in the office, 2008, but completely refused to vote for the same program during President Obama in the office 2009. That tells you what kind of man and GOP is. They don’t care about American economy as they claim to be, they care about their jobs by Obama to fail and get majority of everything back. If President Obama cared so much about his job against American jobs he couldn’t vote for the first TARP 2008 when President Bush was in the office because he could act partisan. GOP is good at accusing their opponents for the very thing they are doing. It is like snitching in the hood and gets credit for it by less conviction of the same crime. It may be a good strategy to someone personally but not good for the community. Same here, it may be good for the GOP to say “NO” for everything and sabotage the legislature process that impacts economy and millions of American lives, then pointing figure that Obama is responsible for everything, but not good for America at all. That is the Ryan and Romney game plan. After all, I don’t believe that President himself can or is responsible for jobs or economy as whole. Assume that Romney is president now, could he avoid the European Recessions? Or Japan Tsunami? Or Mexico Gulf Oil leak? Or Snap his magic wand and cut-down oil prices? Or stop the bleeding of 700,000+ jobs bleeding a moth into surplus in a month without TARP or in a year as he claims? Or pass all legislations with Dems saying “NO” to everything? I wonder what he could be doing? I also wonder even if he could allow Navy Seal Six to pull the trigger on OBL and hundreds more of AQ terrorists. Obama is way tougher and meaner to the world than GOP gives him credit for. He has done things that President Clinton or Bush could dare saying they will do in the public arena. He said he will keep on flying them drown into Pakistan even when Pakistan passed laws prohibiting them to cross their airs. That is a balled statement and courageous thing for a leader of the nation to say against other nation.

But to Congressman Ryan and Governor Romney it is not leadership. Leadership to them is to deny women right to make heal care choices, to cut taxes to the millionaires, to cut programs for the poor, to cry wolf on economy and unemployment while cutting jobs at local levels that ramping up unemployment that they are blaming Obama, to voucher schools and Medicare and end Medicare as we know it while their rich campaign donor will pocket these vouchers and leave millions of seniors without quality healthcare, crying out that Obama apologize for America while they can’t stand in the world arena and say anything sensible defending America as Obama said and did. Remember his Peace Nobel statement? He said he is the leader of the free nation and make no mistakes evil does exist and he commands the military that will and is killing enemies before they kill us. That is his way of Obama making peace. It sounds like Bush Doctrine to me of whom I love it dearly and I love the man behind it too, George W. Bush. He started with Somalis pirates, Afghanistan, AQ, Gadhafi and ongoing war against terror. You may phrase it whatever you want but it is what it is, and he believes evil does exist and as Commander In Chief he is doing just that to make his peace.
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