Friday, August 31, 2012

Republican National Convention: Gov. Jeb Bush Call For Schools Reform

 RNC 2012 Republican National Convention

At 2012 Republican National Convention, I listened to Gov. Jeb Bush calling for schools reform while many GOP stake-holders rambling on shallow and contradictory policies toward foreign policy, taxes, economy and social issues. In this instance of School reform that calls for more choices and flexibility I couldn't agree more with Gov. Jeb Bush’s call. The most important of all is his push for choices to parents and children that are so needed. As parent, to be locked in the zip codes, just a block away to my children’s success is very disturbing. Something that led me to take them miles attending private school. When come to schools we are limited by politicians and bureaucrats, it shouldn't be that way. It is frustrating and lowering our education standards.

We need schools reform now and it should be done on a manner that it focuses on children’s success with parent insight, because parents are the children's guardians and they can make better choices than teachers, politicians and bureaucrats. Also the new system should hold teachers accountable and evaluated by performance and production just like other businesses. This will create competition whereby success is rewarded and underproduction is reformed based on evaluation. Doing these things can help three major things improve quality education standards, increase teaching competition that will increase their wages and will cut wasteful spending that don’t produce good and desired results.

In the past, I posted in this blog about the need for cutting school taxes, giving children and parents more choices, cut down the bureaucrats, and parents to pitch-in on schools budgets to remove the sense of entitlement that parents takes for granted. This will give parents ownership of their children’s progress with incentivized teacher’s assistance to meet their children’s educational demands. My kids go to private school and I demand accountability and quality education that is worth of my money. Unfortunately this is not true in the eyes of the government for parents, tax payers and children to demand the same outcome. To earn the power of demanding schools progress and quality education to children parents must become stakeholder, just like the counter-part public schools. Elected politicians through tax-payers, Unions/teachers, and appointed officials who act as bureaucrats are the only stakeholders in the currents public school system. You see what is missing in this equation? Children and parents, who are the main goal of having a school system. No wonder we are harvesting the poor results, because we are expecting to harvest corn while we planted beans. We got to start planting corn if we want to harvest corn; this is the only solution for this problem.

This brings the subject based on the concrete evidence that why do private schools are doing much well than public schools? It is simple, parent pays the money/stakeholders, they have choices and they demand good results. If they don’t get good demands they have a power to fire anybody from the CEO to janitor right away. This is a good incentive for growth, competition that excels. It also removes the since of entitlement that is encoded in the public schools. Many times this entitlement mentality hinders competition and quality services. Instead of children and parents worrying about competition about electronics gadgets and branding outfits they should worrying about choices that give their children quality education.

In all 2012 Republican Convection, speakers were reintroducing Gov. Romney as we if we the people don’t know him yet. He has been running from president since when he was done with Olympics. We know him and we know what he stands for, flip-flapping on all issues he ever touched and believed. When he is asked of any question he won’t answer it but he is good at making reference to the asked question to President Obama. He has drunk the tea-party that is so purity in its merits to the point that he alienated majority and hugging the Tea Parties who represents a small block of voters. How is he going to govern even if he wins? GOP set a precedence that is the party of “NO” to everything and economy will continue to be bad and their calculations is they will have a political win. Yes, it can be done that way but American people will are suffering from such poor political choices and will continue to suffer. As Christian, we are reminded that to do onto others as we wish them to do onto us. That is my independent message to Gov. Romney and GOP. This has played out to even the most sanctified American ally to become victim of the divisive politics. Israel should be defended by all means necessary, but with the politics of winning elections that lead GOP to accuse President Obama as the enemy of Israel is unpresented, and is shaping the American Israel relationship.

Likewise, the Israel president did not help to easy the matter. He rather, add gasoline on the fire by injecting more talking points in the American General Election that gave ammunition to the already people doubting Obama presidency based on History of this great nation. By any means, I don’t like anyone to come in the White House and talk to my commander in chief in any kind of way regardless of who is in the white house. It is the matter of principle; I guess this is generational thing. There should be boundaries and liberals or GOP should not condone crossing such boundaries because of politics of today that affects our future. It happened and that is the president, unfortunately to the first Black president. It is the same as someone to come in my house and talked down on father any kind of ways and some of my kids to run with it against my father because there is disagreement. This will make us, kids, take sides and there will be a huge raft that will forever shape our relationship moving forward; although at the end of the day that is our father. Likewise, Obama is our president all; even to those who chose to believe that he was not born here or he was Muslim or because he is a person of different color/race/ethnicity than their own. That is the fact and no politics can change this. Sorry for GOP and Romney calculations of winning politics and short end gains, the long term gain, future, is for us all to reshape by "doing the right thing".

This country is an immigrants’ nation and we have a better and exceptional system that envy the adversary. We will come together and build this nation we all love because we all chose to leave our home countries by ourselves or through our ancestors’ generation and come here to look for better life. United we stand indeed. 

I’m not painting a rose picture here, we have history, and we have accomplished a lot and still have we many more to progressively achieve. The goal is for the generations to come to still live the even better American dream. I wish Gov. Jeb Bush was running, but the most decent and qualified candidates smelled a smoke and now we see fire. They were given no room to run without pleasing the far right which is quintessential to those who run to the far left. We all have to meet in the middle. It is like a car or locomotive or transistor, in order to function and provide the desired outcome if their functions they have to “push and pull” or “give and take”. The GOP attitude of my way or high way after President Obama was elected did not serve the American people and will not serve the American people. Likewise, Gov. Romney selecting Rep. Ryan is serving the same “my way or high way attitude” and pleasing the far right, in results American people as whole won’t be served as deserved. The magic word is “compromise” is same as “give and take” or “push and pull” then there will be a motion, progress and production of the desired outcome. God Bless America.

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