Saturday, August 18, 2012

My Father’s Legacy

If you are the father to children or have your father alive today, right this moment, tell and show them that you love them. Life is too short to bicker around and lose the life time opportunity to become the greatest child to your "parents" or the greatest parents to your "children". Tell them how precisely you feel about them. Even if you are angry at them, disagreeing with them, have hatred toward them or you are dishonest toward them. At least they know and you know the raw truth and that is to make peace with them. Explicitly become clean to yourself and to them.

We all have a right to be angry and make mistakes. What is not right is to not honestly trying to make peace with people we love and care for until when they depart this world. Sadly, then after are long-gone we cannot concert and settle our feelings toward them because they are long gone. Remember no one can relive the past, but surely we can live the future and that is what life is all about. However, there is nothing joyful than to be able to tell or discuss the raw truth without hiding anything with someone you truly love and share blood-line with. I miss those days with my father; he was my hero and truly friend.

My father was strict and conservative father figure with principles. One thing is he never misleads us to lie to him or teach us to live life of pretense. His number one principle was for us to be able to tell and discuss our feelings openly and candidly. He was the kind of none-nonsense father figure, yet very playful and recreational. He was kind of father that you can make friends with but with strict boundaries.

We all need boundaries interacting with one another, and that was the greatest lesson i learned from him and hopefully his dreams will live-on to his offspring in generations to come. Just like nations or homes, farms and communities, without Boundaries, we will find ourselves fighting and quarreling every day. Therefore, it is important to establish clearly understood and demarcated boundaries in physical and imaginary forms. This way anyone crosses such established personal/physical boundaries, will clearly, with good conscious, knows that he/she crossed the boundaries and needs to stop furthering invading personal or physical space by back-down/back-up or such person will face natural consequences for his/her actions. This is not only my father's principle; it is also the Biblical and Societal principle that is used to govern us all. God Bless you.

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