Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Year After Hurricane Irene Devastation

Today Upstate New York and much of the North-East are observing a year after the devastation that was caused by the Hurricane Irene. I remember I was coming from Utica, Central New York, and the storm had started about 1 AM. My family and I were driving, it was pouring so bad I could barely see what was in front of me.

The wind was blowing and thundering at the same time. My wife asked if we could stop and wait may be the wind could go away after a while. But I was bold and refused to stop. I was also tired from long week end away; and I had to be at work in that morning, here in the greater capital district. Lucky us, because it was the hurricane storm and there was no slowing down, so we made a fruitful gamble after all. I remember the fear I had cruising the flooding road/highway with my Toyota Prius and after 2 hours we made it at home. At last we were safe. We made it by the grace of God, and we are thankful for that.

To my surprise, couple of hours later, 7am as I was existing my house in Schenectady, to East Green Bush, Rensselaer County, most of the streets connecting to the highways and throughway were closed due to fallen trees. The throughway was closed due to floods, destroyed roads and broken bridges. It took me about two hours to get to work for only 25 miles distance. The news from all the news outlets was awful and sad. The mankind from all over the northeast was in shambles, sorrowed and heart-broken. May Lord God rest in the eternal peace the souls stolen from us by the Hurricane Irene, and blessed their families for the great loss.

In many communities we have seen good progress but there are still some families and communities that are suffering and never recovered from the Irene. Most of us remember Irene like yesterday. The horror was huge and human life suffering was significant while the property damage has turned to be human kind devastation. We are all praying and pitch in to the communities and individuals that were directly hit by the Irene. We firmly believe that united we stand.  

You are all in our prayers and thoughts as we observe the anniversary of Hurricane Irene. May the spirit of the Holy Spirit guide you through all the taught times and may God bless you all in all you are doing.
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