Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Gun Control? How About Self Control?

This issue is the mankind self-destruction by the self-fulfilling prophesy. I happened to believe different than most people, may be. It is interesting when we see shooting everyone gets out and blame the gun but not the person behind the gun and pulled the trigger. These gun shooting stories that are intending to tell us all that guns are killing people. They are as strange as the people who commit these killings either by guns or by whatever they find it necessary to execute their killing plans. Here is my taking on this, many of analysis and logical independent thinkers will support this. Why is the gun not in the courts and or in the jails with the people who are sentenced of murder or massacre? It is logic to me that it obvious, to all the gun control peoples, that the guns have shown and proven to have the complete control of the situation and fired themselves and premeditated the murders miraculously. The irony of the obsessed gun control people is that the person behind the gun was just holding it and had nothing to do with it, its action or consequences. But my logic is that a person behind the gun has premeditated or intended to go pick up the gun, aim at the target and pull the trigger that killed person/peoples.  

I was thinking! Why don’t we try to put all the guns in jail and execute them if the guns are the murders? Or in other words, let’s all ban them from being manufactured that way there will be no guns or people get killed from the gun shot. This sounds pretty good in the ears and doable to the gun control folks. But it is not rational, because if it was it could be done and over with by banning the gun production from the first place, when gun was invented hundreds of years ago.
People who are obsessed with gun control thinks that somehow if no more guns are made and or available in our hands people will stop killing each other; something that it is not true although many would like it to be true because it feels like true.

I can understand their pain, especially the victims of the families and loved one who got killed by the gun shot(s). It is an awful feeling to lose your loved one, especially when someone feels that something could be done to prevent it. It is also true that there are scenarios that something could be done to prevent the killing. The fact is that we humans are not perfect and I’m not trying to pretend that we are perfect. The theme here is “the feeling”. No one person can always be able to stop a predetermined killing machine minds, because we don’t have enough capability to read the killer’s minds and transcribe such obtained-data into a resourceful information that can lead stopping the killers.

What we can do is preventing the killer’s minds by all means necessary because they too can be able to execute their plans by all means necessary. They bear arms; we need to bear arms too, so that we can be able to protect ourselves. This notion that we are safer in our homes by not having a gun while the killers do have them is somehow irrational to me. Also the thought process that availability of a gun is direct ticket to committing a crime is likewise questionable. The founding father though and argued through all the provisions of the constitution and saw fit to right to keep and bear arms, Second Amendment. If we believe that they were wise enough to lay-out such a magnificent ideal principles and set of rules that governed us all in this great nation which made America the greatest nation in the world, we should also respect their wisdom and judgment on the Second Amendment.

There are untold homicides, killings, massacres and crimes that were committed by not the use of the gun i.e. Rwanda genocide, Jim Jones Massacre, and many more killings of individuals all around the world. Second Amendment does not kill people, it is an idea rooted to the God given right of self-protection and safely leisure sporting practice. Regulations should not restrict or suppresses provisions of bill of rights, it is fundamentally wrong to do so. I believe that regulations should be made to foster the provisions of bill of rights and carefully created to protect the interests of the people. This should and shall be the thought process of all regulations and all peoples involved in the process.

Sympathy doesn’t often work well in the problem solving. But certainly empathy does because it gives us a breathing room to think through and rationally without inject our emotions and feelings into equation and mishandle the facts. I tell you what? Not all crimes, including homicide and massacres are happening from the results of the firing the gun. Also we cannot blame gun 100% to for every crime ever committed when a gun is involved. Guns have only been around for approximately 800 or 700 years. But, surely, humanity has been around for centuries. Yet we have learned that human were capable of crime, massacre and homicides toward fellow humans way before gun and new technologies were invented. I say this, let’s all blame the killing and criminal intended minds in all around our community. Let’s all work together and put our effort in the right place, path and things fighting our common enemy collectively. The results will be definite toward humanity improvement because United We Will Stand and our resounding resilience as people will be magnified.  

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