Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas To You All

Today, December 25th 2011 everyone is celebrating a holiday and for Christians we are celebrating the berth of our Lord Jesus Christ, "Christmas". It is also the last week of the year, welcoming  a New Year with new goals, objectives, vision and ambitions. In the spirit of faith and trust in the Lord Messiah we all wish that the coming year to be of more prosperity and success that can fill our spirits and certainly our physical needs here under the earth as we are passing through this earth, journey to paradise where we believe to live eternal life. 

Monday, December 19, 2011

Problems And Solutions Of Health Care In The United States Of America

Problems And Solutions Of Health Care In The United States Of America
Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Services - Module 08 Final Research Paper

Student Name:
Desdery J. Masao
Date of Presentation:

 The healthcare system in America is a mess; although the medical needs of the very poor are covered adequately by Medicaid, Medicare and SCHIP vast middle class Americans do not have access to the affordable healthcare. About 46 million uninsured Americans (majority are middle class), have no health insurance at all. (  The current economic recession has worsened the healthcare problem. Millions of people who are suddenly unemployed and underemployed have lost their employer-based insurance or are simply not able to afford the premiums and other out-of-pocket healthcare expenses. I will  take position in this paper that healthcare in America should be considered a basic human right; that we can learn from the healthcare experiences and systems in other countries, such as Switzerland and the new Obama Administration seems to be headed in the right direction, but needs to do more. This paper identifies five problems of current healthcare and offers eleven specific proposals that will do much to revive our ailing healthcare system and make America great.

Problem of Health Care In The United States Of America:

Legal and Ethical Issues In The Healthcare: Case Study The Professional Patient Relationship

Module 7 Case Study -Written assignment 

On question a I believe that the medical staff met their obligation of diagnosing Lincoln’s sickness, which was “severe anemia due to hemorrhaging” by Tong 2007, and were able to explain the care plan procedure and its importance, his physician recommended blood transfusion immediately before his lost his consciousness. (Tong, R. 2007p.58)

Legal and Ethical Issues In The Healthcare: Critically Ill and Dying

Module 04 Case Studies Euthanasia, Assisted Suicide, and Palliative Care

After reading chapter 11 in the Tong book, answer the Case Study questions for the four case studies at the end of the chapter, pp. 285-288. Post your answers here. Connect your answers to the readings.

Case Study #1
Q. a
            On Mr. Najiri’s case, physician may have raised a serving no usefulness purpose of medication to Mr. Najiri’s condition that justifies discontinuation of artificial means of life support due to Shiite Muslims belief. However, the physician justified his/her position that Mr. Najiri’s brain dead means no life, and no medical treatment is possible according to main stream American values when he/she said that “in the United States brain death is death” {Tong, 2007 p.286}.  Regardless of Shiite Muslim faith, since Mr. Najiri is in America and physician has pronounce his brain dead and further ruling out that since Mr. Najiri’s brain is dead “the hospital will no longer continue to support his cardiac functions artificially”. {Tong, 2007 p.186}. Because professionally physicians are trusted by American community to evaluate and treat patients and that only a physician can pronounce death, on Mr. Najiri’s case the family members would have to abide by physician’s decisions or transfer him to another hospital outside of America for further treatment that can fulfill their faith and belief of death.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Nursing Home Administration: Forecasting, Planning and Organizing

Case Study #2,

Case study #2 raised a very interesting and ambiguous question for many of us to answer with certainty that the directions of rapid occurring change in the healthcare industry is predictable or can be beneficial to owners, staffs and patients. Considering what the U.S. Congress’s Office of technology has warned that the rate of development is too fast for proper monitoring of the effects and threats that the foundations of the most secure American businesses might be in danger. In this case, Nursing Home facilities are the backbone of the American healthcare businesses and its foundation is facing uncertainty as technology is expanding yearly.  For example, according to Allen, J. E. (2008) reveled that in the 1980s nursing home nurses were well thought-out to be working at lower technology intensity compare to hospital nurses. That is somehow still the truth today. Nurses in the nursing home are still struggling to catch up with toys changing hi-technology something that is increasingly challenging the nursing home and healthcare industry in general. (Allen, 2008 p.14)

Museum Studies- Art History -Andrew Warhola (Andy Warhol) Biography

Andrew Warhola is among the most famous people on the earth. During my research I discovered that his fan and general public more frequently identified him as Andy Warhol. I could not believe my eyes when I searched his name in the internet, so many sites popped-up about him, all filled with his fun comments and gratitude on his contribution to the American culture, art-work/fact, civil-rights movements, social-justice, and personal identity as openly gay. According to The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts Inc, Andy Warhol was born August 6, 1928 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He died on February 22, 1987 at age 58, in New York City, New York.  The record from his foundation indicates that he was admitted at the Carnegie Institute of Technology in 1945. The institute is now known as Carnegie Mellon University. His Big Electric Chair, Campbell-noodle soup, coca-cola can and articulation of using celebrities as idles in his art-work has made me and minds of many to admit that he is among the leading figure in the visual art movement in American History; and not only in the pop art. (,)

Community Health - My Local Public Health Agency, Oneida County Health Department


My local public health agency is county based, under Oneida County Health Department (OCHD). Daniel W. Gilmore, Ph.D. is the Director of Environmental Health Supervisor-in-Charge of OCHD. The aim of Oneida County Health Department is to promote and protect the health of Oneida County; both county’s citizens and visitors. The OCHD director is responsible for initiating, planning, coordinating and directing the programmatic and budgetary management of all public health programs.  As McKenzie, 2008 page 50 indicates, OCHD falls in the approximation of 2,86 LHDs (Local Health Departments) in US; and that OCHD like many other LHDs it provide health services to the people and many of these services are mandated by state laws, which also set standards for health and safety. {McKenzie, 2008 p.50}

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Happy 50th Anniversary Tanzania (Tanganyika)

Today, December 9th 2011, Tanzanian are celebrating the independence of Tanzania. This is 50th Jubilee/Anniversary of Tanzania independence from the Great Britain that took over as Mandate Colony to over see the welfare of Tanzania (then Tanganyika), which was colony of German East Africa, after Germany was defeated on WW II.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How To Analyze Business Structure and Stockholders' Equity Before Investing In A Company?

Business Well Being When Investing:

Business well-being is different for each company depending on the goals, objectives and vision. In general it incorporates a holistic approach focusing on multiple dimensions that reflects quality of products and or services, customer satisfaction, enough revenue, fewer liabilities, increasing profitability and appreciating stock market/dividends. Business well being is judged by using these dimensions to demonstrate the relationship between each while such business must actively strive to improve itself within each dimension to sustain the market competition. Whereas, capital structure is how business finances its overall daily operations and growth by using multiple sources of funds. Source of funds that facilitate capital structure of business is the mixture of business’s preferred equity, long term debt, common equity and short term debt.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Services: The Nancy Cruzan v. Director, Missouri Department of Health Case Study

 Survey of USA Legal System- Analysis Of A Legal Decision Module 01 Written Assignment Week Three

Nancy Cruzan, resident of Missouri state was involved in a severe car accident on January 11, 1983. While lying in the hospital she was at vegetate state due to severe brain damage caused by accident.  She lived as a being without recognition, thinking, or feeling. She could not swallow or eat; rather she had a feeding tube inserted in her stomach for food and water. Also she was incontinent and had to wear diapers. According to Barton (1991), Nancy did not respond to stimuli or recognize her family, and diagnostic tests, such as electroencephalograms (EEGs) detected no brain waves due to her persistent vegetative state since January of 1983. {Barton, 1991 #3} 

Friday, December 2, 2011

Human Services Management: Application of Theories

Open systems theory is an important component of modern management that recognizes and allows interactions with one another to allow change. I learn from the text, Lewis, Lewis, Packard 207, chapter 4 p.78, that Open system theorist recognizes rationality within organization is limited by internal factors and external factors. Internal factors can be organization members’ characteristics, and external factors can be changes in the supply of available people and materials.

The Independent Mind:

The Independent Mind Diagram
This is a must Watch Video Clip. If you don’t see and agree with this truth you really have to question what do you stand for and what are you looking from any politician on the earth. We may not like or agree to this video clip but you lived to see and witness these acts as truth that a politician did in these viciously divisive time in the politics in the modern era. The truth is the truth is the truth and we know it regardless of our ideology, faith and culture as a whole. History will always be that Obama passed healthcare that many presidents failed to pass for their political reasons; he killed Osama and numerous high ranking terrorists and dismantled Al-Qaida networks; he is the first Black president of  the USA surpassing many racial obstacles and prove that America is for all;  he appointed the first woman (of minority) in the US Supreme court; he is facing the great block opposition unanimously from GOP since his inaugural to present, 4 years, even for the very things that GOP-themselves supports; he supported the innocent powerless peoples of North Africa and Middle East to attain the freedom they never had for 4+ decade (Just like President Bush did in Africa and Afghanistan and Iraq) and the dictators are ousted; he inherited the worse economic turmoil times of our generation (although he could have done better and there are things we fundamentally disagree upon); and he is governing at the time that the US Congress is partisan than ever during economic hardship and the housing market is worse in our time.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Human Services Management: The Nature of Management

Sep 2008 - Assignment #1

I would like to express my views to people who argue that managerial functions are the same; and no matter what the field, they all function the same. (B2) First, “Management in business and human services organization activity means the act of getting people together to accomplish desired goals” (B1).  These people believe that a person who is a good manager in the business field will also be a good manager in the human services field. In the human services field, management is highly challenging because the factors that differentiate nonprofit organization from profit making companies are the same that makes management difficult. (B2)

Human Services Management: Organizational Leadership

Human service organizations are programs that deal with the personal and social development of individuals, families, communities and society at large. For example, human service programs are run by management and conduct direct services such as training, education, therapy, counseling and or casework.  However, human service organization/management works indirectly social action, through consultation, referral, community development, advocacy, and or information dissemination. (Lewis, Lewis, Packard 2007, page 6) 

Human Services Management Course: Dealing With Unproductive Employees

My situation is when I use to work overnight at my facility one of my core worker use to come and mop the floors and go lay down until morning. I use to work as an AMAP- a person who passes meds, in charge of the shift and overall general welfare of the 12 individuals in the facility. In this instance some behavioral individuals will be getting up, he won’t come until when I call or yell for help. Sometimes it took him sometimes because he puts TV volume up in the living room where he lays down. I reported him twice to the overnight manager but nothing happened to him so I did not bother, because all documentations of overnight shift were mostly documented by me so I was straight.

Human Services Management Course: Communication Conflict In The Workplace

Describe a situation in which you had a conflict with a subordinate or supervisor

At the facility I work with, I was surprised overhearing a new coordinator as a facility management representative to the organization insisting that her process of cleaning the house she will not hire/promoting in-staff members  to the managers’ position; rather she will promote or hire facility’s managers from outside of the organization or different division staffs. I believe that this model will create bad perceptions not only to me personally, but also to any staff-member from my facility. Since she took management in the facility late last year, she hired two managers, one from different setting division, another one new recruit, they did not last more than three months because of nature of setting of my facility and individuals. Normally, before the new coordinator, managers’ position use to be by promoting floor staff members to the manager’s position. It gave the managers’ a sense of awareness of individuals, staffs, and well experienced the responsibilities and duties of the staff members. In the new system, managers found themselves working with total strangers, in strange settings, and strange individuals, and they would burn out very quick. Also some staff members were reluctant to support these new managers, something that made their job very difficult and stressful. For example, “Honest disagreements emerge because well-intentioned staffs feel strongly about fundamental directions”. (Brody, R. (2005), page 369)