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Human Services Management: The Nature of Management

Sep 2008 - Assignment #1

I would like to express my views to people who argue that managerial functions are the same; and no matter what the field, they all function the same. (B2) First, “Management in business and human services organization activity means the act of getting people together to accomplish desired goals” (B1).  These people believe that a person who is a good manager in the business field will also be a good manager in the human services field. In the human services field, management is highly challenging because the factors that differentiate nonprofit organization from profit making companies are the same that makes management difficult. (B2)

Nevertheless, some factors of human services management are challenging. For example: -            First, is conflicting values and expectations within departments of human services that directly serve clients. Human services organization missions are always accepted to the targeted community and it causes managerial difficulties to carry on the mission through employees to the community, and sometimes stockholders. For example the text book sited the 1996 welfare reform law as a good example. (B2)

-           Second, most of the time human service organizations service clients with complex problems and sometimes are out of will and detected by authority or circumstances.  Hurricane/tornado victims, poor people and or drug addicts sometime the help needed don’t get there at the time needed, or they get help but not exactly what they get to improve their situations. For example hurricane and tornado disaster victims who gets help from FEMA, Red Cross, faith base organization and individuals. Or how law income families’ gets help from welfare departments and it don’t help them to improve from the situation; or drug addicts fro various reasons get help from public and private rehabs sometimes ends up back or goes to jail.

-           Third, some of the goals or objectives of a human services organization are not specified or simplified enough for the management to carry on this objective accurately and serve clients positively. In comparison with profit making organization, their goal is well explained and outcome is well targeted to the desired clients. For example, Verizon wireless advertise to as many students as they can because they offer modern technological services and youth are well aware of it and organization coverage.  If you ask a verizon kiosk sales person about the organization’s mission will clearly explain to you. But if we ask Upstate Cerebral Palsy (UCP) residents counselor what is the mission of UCP will stumble answering that question.

-           Forth, actually it is difficult to measure the outcome of human service programs. Because it takes time to see the outcome and sometimes outcomes are not tangible. For example UCP outcome to their clients is merely measurable. UCP has various facilities in central NY that host developmental disabled, autistic, and mentally retarded individuals. But Verizon outcome to college students is we see more and more students subscribes with network and explore the opportunity of mobile to mobile with parents, friends, and family members and so on

However, human services are the agencies that deliver services such as care, mediation, relieve, resources, leadership and so on to the individuals at the communities. These agencies are not for profit making rather needed human services to the communities. Leadership of both profit oriented and Human Services organization has designing, staffing, planning, supervision, budgeting monitoring and evaluation.

Management is equipped with planning, organizing, resourcing, leading or directing, and controlling an organization, as group of people or entities. It is effort for the goal of accomplishing a mission, services and or values. However, resourcing encompass the deployment and manipulation of human capital, financial assets, technological wealth, and innate resources. (B1)

Any management, whether profit oriented or non-profit organization, abide together and assume leadership by working with employees and carry out the vision and mission by overlook organizational process design, connect the elements of the organization together, management of external scenarios, and maintaining supportive organizational culture. Ma

These human services are formed as agencies that deliver services such as educational institutions, welfare, mental health facilities, legal supports, family issue, drug use, eradicating un-employment, special groups, and rehabilitation and so on. (B2) Human services organizations are to reaching out the communities and improving the social conditions.

Human Services organizations have got as specifics purposes, vision, focus and direction on the accomplishments that are necessary to achieve excellence in the services provided.  Human Services Organization has values, ethics and professional standards that support Quality of Working Life; by advocacy, society development, consultation, referral, community action, or information dissemination. Normally development is conducted through education, training, counseling, therapy or even coursework.

However, outlining the strength of Human Services management different from Business Management, Human Services Management as public organization such as school, department of social service and or nonprofit organization that are targeted to specific group of people needs. In the Human Services, management can also pass on to the person or people who carry out the mission of management in order to deliver the expected services to the desired community.

Nevertheless, business for profit organizations invades human services industry something that brings about some challenges by providing similar services with aim to gain profit and maintaining professionalism, values and ethics of Human Services Field. In this manner, management of profit oriented organization and of the Human Services organization have same functions as management board.   

For example, UCP (Upstate Cerebral Palsy) is a Human Services Organization that stand as an Agency for the state of NY government taking care of mental development and autistic individuals. The organization also has multiple centers that carry out schools, learning centers and job training for profit, such as Amory Campus, Rome Campus, Bonneville Campus, and so on.

Human Services field is a passionate field that stands to serve our community. However, business and profit making organizations provides service to our community that is product oriented; but the only difference is what kind of services? Human services provide therapeutically, moral, ethical, and not products.

In this case human service management personnel must have certain special skills and abilities that needed in human services field. These can be found in the human services ethical values. These values helps to guard human service organization to do not fall into law suites, mal-practice and above all, management of intended service to be delivered by human service provider to the client believing that it will provide expected results.



B2.      Management of Human Services Programs, 4th edition, by Lewis, Packard and Lewis,

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