Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas To You All

Today, December 25th 2011 everyone is celebrating a holiday and for Christians we are celebrating the berth of our Lord Jesus Christ, "Christmas". It is also the last week of the year, welcoming  a New Year with new goals, objectives, vision and ambitions. In the spirit of faith and trust in the Lord Messiah we all wish that the coming year to be of more prosperity and success that can fill our spirits and certainly our physical needs here under the earth as we are passing through this earth, journey to paradise where we believe to live eternal life. 

Christmas is not about gifts, money or material things that one gets only, it is also about great tradition of individuals gathering around family members and loved ones, together rejoicing the fruits of life, by thanking the Lord and giving to the needy. These things draw ourselves to one another and closer to the Lord God. Christians spirit and tradition is the joy we experience to be around family, the people we love. There we get the common good that fill our spirits, faith, joy and love toward one another, also we find Holy Spirit  in our presence. That makes Christmas tradition sacred and special while preparing ourselves, spirits, all we are to enter another year with common good faith and trust that God is blessing our uncertain future once again.   

Many preachers have said over and over and we have heard many things regarding faith and believe; but I say this to you again that life without faith in the Lord is like life without purpose. wasted away.  Who will want to do that? There must be a course of life, the inner drive that makes you do the things you do and believe in the things you do and however you do, that is faith, spirit and ultimately purpose. Every time we start New Year we reassure our spirits, faith, vows, values, goals and objectives; and we plan to attain them by not repeating  our past mistakes, meaning learning from our mistakes and mistakes of others. Therefore, it is imperative for everyone to take ownership and be responsible of life he/she lives in order to grasp the spirit of Christmas and New Year and make a plan for his/her goals by first welcoming the most high, creator and Lord God because he is the master planner, Alpha and Omega, first and last and the King of Kings. In short to bring purpose in your life.

My plea to you is to see if you haven’t done things differently and not satisfied at all, then just do different things differently this time by starting this Christmas afresh. Just let the only begotten son of God be born inside you and reign over you as we commemorate this Christmas that way he can become master planer of all your plans because he is the only one known winning death and Satan/Lucifer with all his lies of which mankind cant, without the powers of trinity/holly spirit to come inside us and concur the Satan tricks enticed under the sun for us/human to fall through like we always do. He said to go to God like children, put all our wisdom, knowledge, properties, so called powers and pride aside and go to him; and no one can go to God Father without him, Jesus Messiah. The things we value we had them given  to us by God but the devil tricked us at the Eden Garden and we were kicked out, so we were left with  thoughts that we have nothing while we have it all. Devil tricks us and later let us die empty regretting; while we know that have to die, and that is what Satan wanted us to get, ‘FREE WILL” that will ultimately get us dying from disobedient and end-up in hell just like him from the same course, why let him again tricking us from making things right knowingly that time is short? Satan is not about serving lives, helping lives, prolonging lives, creating happiness, rather the opposite by illustrate his tricks as way to create these great things that we think we need to live here under the earth but end-results always is the opposite. The way we invest here on the earth it is like building a permanent settlement/mansion/palace in the camping ground (journey on the earth), a place we dwell only once or twice a year, and completely ignore to improve our permanent settlement/home  where we spend our time all year round (eternal life)

A planned and purposeful life is the proactive and productive way one strives to live, and this is measured by day, week, month, year, decade, century and millennial. But since we are counted by how many years we live, so as success. Therefore, every year each and every one of us measure success (areas of weakness and strength) by year and plan to do differently; also we reassure by having new commitments and how to execute them. Benjamin Franklin said that “to do same thing over and over, and expect different results that is insanity”; and for that matter I wander how many can be considered insane and may be after repeating same things too much? If you are one, just let the soft side of yours to let the seed of faith and the spirit of Lord to be born to you and it will grow stronger every day. Christmas is the day to reaffirm our commitment to the Lord and our faith if stronger and we are ready to take-on the challenges of next year with your guidance and humble spirit, Lord empowers us and gives us your holly strength. Merry Christmas Every One!!!!!

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