Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, 2012, To You All

Happy New Year, 2012, To You All

Today, January 1st 2012, the world is celebrating New Year and many have, once more, making the New Year resolutions, goals and objectives. All I can say is that thanks be to Lord God  the creator of the universe and all in it. We have been selected to make it to 2012, many of our loved ones, friends, neighbors, colleges and associates couldn’t make it for many reasons that sometimes are beyond our understanding; that is destiny. For that I give thanks and Glory to Lord God and I’m thankful for all including wisdom to understand that his majesty that crated a soul and mind that give us wisdom is of most high and has purpose to each and everyone that has soul and mind. In this sense we get wisdom and free will to choose right from wrong.

My advice to you as someone bears Fatherhood Life spirit and fun of the Fatherhood Life, Blog is to have a 2012 resolution that will allow you to use the infinity resources and infinity powers given by God the creator of all, each and every thing and aspects of the year 2012 life and the years to follow. This will give you an opportunity to become rational and be able to use wisdom in making decisions that you will be facing moving forward. Furthermore this will make you have sense of self control, live the life you prefer, pursue and do the thinks your heart, mind and instincts sends to do, do the right things, and not live the life or do things you do because others told you or you assume that will meet others standards and not yours.

My question to people who try so hard to impress others, show-off to others, try to be someone who you are not, do the very things that yourself conscious and instincts disapprove and try to be someone that you are not then who is to live your actual life? Or who is to be you? Or who is to impress you while you are busy impressing and showing off to others? I don’t mean to be selfish, because that is wrong in and itself. I can never understand why someone with conscious mind will do these things. I do understand though, that if you have self awareness and conscious there those who follow others like flag that follows wind and have no purpose of their own will try to label, smear, bully and stereotype you so that you can conform to their ideal life and values. If you cave on your own values and give them up then metaphysically, you deny yourself a right to exist and or core-exist.

Remember, there is never going to be another you because you are your own person, with your own values and very unique from any other human being that exists, existed and will ever exist in this earth. This is a very unique privilege that the creator gave to you and don’t take it into waste, because once again, he brought here for a reason and he has purpose in you and your life. Listen to yourself, listen to the ideas and talents you have and work on them to advance and fulfill that purpose. Ask yourself what is it you are good at and how to make it even better; most of all learn from your mistakes and mistakes of others. Don’t follow others for the sake of it or do things without purpose. No one asked to be here on the earth, therefore there must be a reason why we are here and not somewhere else. We can have all scientific advancement but since I haven’t received any application/request letter to from whenever human comes from to bring Mr. so and so or bring Miss so and so, I believe that there is Most High God that create a spirit and mind and that is life with wisdom, period and end of the story.

God bless you and may 2012 be the year of prosperity and abundance to those who obey God and live his world. To those who don’t obey him and live his word yet, may they reconcile with God and be forgiven as he said he will and enjoy the glory of Lord God. Ultimately, the gruesome reality is that the world is not the kingdom of God and there cannot be the ideal life we all want because the devious Lucifer, Belizebuly and all their satanic traps are wired here under the sun to deceive us more from what God has already gave and entitle to us. Devil hypnotize and uses illusions on us that such and such is better life but in reality we have better life already and we have it all but with conditions that can save lives and not the delusions of devil that takes lives. Amen, Lord God has been good to us and we are thankful to be selected to see 2012. We seek your holy protections today and the days to come, and we promise to do our best to serve your great purpose on our being.

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