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Human Service Management: Reflection on Learning - written assignment

List of three things that I learned about implementing a management information system in human services agencies.

I have learned that in order to implement a management information system in human services agencies one has to recognize systems as outlined by Rapp and Poertner (1992, page 97-100), that information system is divided into three types, each one with different purposes. For example House keeping systems, as automatic basic routine processing information that are used to increase efficiency and accuracy such as payrolls and paying supplies. My organization conduct automated information for Medicare/Medicaid of individuals and instant recorded criminal and traffic violations of employees from authorities, for consumers’ safety. On the other hand Decision Support Systems are best evidence-based practices, results of program evaluation, other demographic and assessed needs.  (Lewis, Lewis, Packard 2007 page 195) . Decision Support Systems have no much role in the human service organization as Performance Guidance Systems have.

According to Lewis, Lewis, Packard page 195, Performance Guidance Systems indicates to provide most promise for human service organizations than Housekeeping Systems and Decision Support Systems. I think we can opt to use this system to instigate actions that will reflect our task force’s goals, purposes and objectives and plan new activities as we may see fit.

For example, in my organization, they conduct monthly evaluations, my facility as part of division of the organization we have monthly budgets, management caries “Raving for good performance” as motivation, we celebrate all holidays, individuals’ and staffs’ birthdays with special occasion budgeting, activities and meal plans, we conduct training when new programs or care plans occurs for education/information or clarification to staff members, the information we fill in the individuals’ daily notes and facility reports are used by state, main donor to evaluate programs progress and agency promote these documentation to be accurate and timely filled by care givers on the daily basis, by using evaluation on the all the above documentation each individual and staff members are to be used to evaluate performance every three months and if improvement needed, emphasis is put on the area improvement needed by training and clarification. This example is based on my facility ways of instigating action as outlined by Behn 2003 eight purposes for measuring performance by management. (Lewis, Lewis, Packard, 2007 page196)
List of three things that I learned about small groups through participation in this section.

In this group I learned that Personal Power, as outlined by Handy 1985, page 127, is sometimes in the form of charisma or charm as a group member personality it involves an individual's ability to influence others through energy, commitment, and generally having contagious enthusiasm. For example, on 11/20/2008 1:59 PM, my colleague MacIe Case, posted “Hello everyone looks like our pick is Information systems as Jess and Desdery picked this one. I will add to this and be third. Catherine had picked state regulations - both are interesting subjects.. Just wanted to get some consensus so that we can get started on this.. thanks Macie.” This post and many other posts she posted in our group have brought all of us together in decision making as a group to opt Information System as our task force assignment for weeks 11 and 12.
Also I learn that a successful human service organization must have an organizational culture and learning, information system process. For example, Lewis, Lewis, Packard 2007, page 211 pointed out that Poertner (2000) analyzed information as a key factor in arranging organizational culture. I believe that organization starts from small groups then merge the main ideas and formulate an organization.

In human service management teams as well as on-line groups charisma is often associated with expressive leadership and can be very helpful in making the team or group experience enjoyable. Of course, a charismatic person can often persuade a group or team to go a particular direction.

How would I evaluate my own participation in this section?  How could it be improved?

I could not participate as much as I wanted too, due to time management difficulties. This holiday, Thanks Giving, it was hectic, and more difficult balancing my personal time, school-16 credits, work-full time, family-one and half year bay and pregnant wife, and miscellaneous time. However, the little time I had reading I learn a lot about information management and the role of managers in collecting data, key factors of information system. Lewis, Lewis, Packard 2007, page 211

What have I learned in this section that I feel I will use in my role as a human services manager?

I learn that as human service manager I will have to determine kinds of information that I will need to use as decision makers to plan and implement programs organizational programs. Such as to be aware of each individuals’ and employees’ personal abilities, consistency in data collection for accurate information system, areas of interests, use of training for the employees to upgrade skills, their likes and dislikes,  and use of evaluation of data to analyze success, strengths and weakness.

As I sighted above that in this session I learned a positive use of personal power while participating in a group or organization. The above quotation from my colleague, her charisma has influence me and I believe others to the commitment of subject of weeks 11 and 12.

1.         Lewis, J. A., T. R. Packard, et al. (2007). Management of human service programs. Belmont, CA, Thomson Higher Education/Brooks/Cole.

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