Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Correlation of Faith, Fate and Freewill

Faith is the confident belief and trust in something or someone. As Christians, I have faith and trust in God and Trinity (God Father, Son and Holy Spirit); I also have faith in my family and friends and associates that I trust and believe in. I strongly believe that faith and trust in God is the most sentimental and sacred value that someone bares and are very personable. It is personalized because we human beings tend to build our unique connections to things that we believe (God) based on our culture, environment, social-economic, and life exposure as whole. For Christian believers, we are closer to God and we have contracts with God believing in Life-After-Death, by living up to God’s code of conducts, ethics, standard of merits and guiding principles-Ten Commandments that were given to Moses as it is written in the Holy Bible.

Through Adam and Eve, our fore-parents, we inherited Fate. Fate is the reference leading to Destiny. Fate and Destiny are inevitable course of events of life because somehow, somewhere we will all die, fate, and our destiny here on the earth will be done and over. The question that always lingers our mind is that what is the events that will necessarily happen to us, individually, in the future? And it is to what extent that, as we believe and trust, the most-high powers believed to control what will happen in our future? Remember, that we cannot precisely lay-out or predict the future. To answer all these problematic and difficulty questions we tend to use one cumbersome word known as, “fate”.

 Fate tends to characterize our life from when we are born to the day we die, including numerous events during our life here on the earth for good and bad. This factor underlines the fact that no one asked to be born and no one for sure can scientifically prove that there is life after death or there was life before birth. Although one can take his/her life or someone else’s so to speak, but no one can recreate resume life as we know. However, we use our spiritual faith and trust to navigate through the very narrow fine line that characterize and satisfy us in answering these cumbersome and problematic questions.

Fate is the gateway to destiny and these are mysterious things that require faith as pathway to get somewhere. Some cultures solve these mysterious things by using taboos and such nature traditions. Faith is complete trust and/or confidence in someone or something; also, it is believed to be a desirable ending predictably of better future. It is a concept based on the belief that predictably one will get rewarded at the desired point; in this case, Christians believe to be granted life after death-heaven is what they uphold and live up to with Biblical Principles. For example, Christian faith is the well-built belief in God as the doctrine of a religion that is based on spiritual fear of satanic and immorality maneuvers that don’t necessarily require scientific proof, rather miracles because life itself is the great miracle.

On the other hand, Freewill is the ability of making self and independent choices without external influence and or any harmful reservation. With or without faith in God we can choose our own destiny by selecting different, "paths", for one another, throughout or lives; even though the different courses of action that we take nonetheless lead to a predetermined destiny; live adequately or die hard and at last heaven or hell. Freewill is the dangerous thing and is the most meaningful things because we can make it or not making it at all in life, but at the same time we reserve the choice to make it or not making it. Everything and anything you have got or you don’t have in life is by the choices you have made. Under any circumstances, the actions you taken and you will be taking are your choices and they have great impact in your life and the lives of others in the society. That it is why it is imperative to make appropriate and thought-full decisions when you have to make choices that lead to decisions. Since we can’t see and or predict the future, Christians deem to depend on faith in God. 

After defining and discussing these crucial milestone paradigms of life (faith, fate and freewill), I conclude that, "we human beings have a rational desire to make choices, good or bad. The choices we make over the course of life determine what characterize us individually or collectively. Of course, which path to take is well determined based on belief(s) one chooses and depends on environment that makes up our culture(s). Belief(s), environment and cultures are values that contribute a lot on how we perceive faith, fate and freewill, and it varies greatly depending on these values.

My take on this whole thing is that in life there is beginning and end, and for Christians there are only two results, Hell or Heaven. Using your fate and freewill to shape your faith and get one of the two results as you wish, in other words predetermine your destiny. I conclude by saying that GOD MAKES PLANS AND CONSEQUENTLY WE HUMAN MAKES DECISIONS. Therefore, we ought to blame ourselves when things go wrong because we always make decisions that take us where we are and where we will be. I always say that the decisions we made in the past effects the decisions we make at this present and those we will be making in the future. Having these two choices, good or bad have positive or negative impacts on our life and lives of others, today or years from now as predetermined by our actions. Therefore, doing the right-thing and being savvy when making decisions can be helpful, while taking precautions in life. I learned that to take control of your life is to manage taking control of the decisions you make, then it can be easy to overcome external powers that always try to control/influence your life; because to control your internal life you will establish a clear vision and purpose of life.  

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