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Life and War-Fare Psychology:

Stare at the picture/image above. Then ask yourself how how many things do you envision on this single image? If it is more than one then why? Can somebody else see the same images that you seen? Confusing, right?
Life is the complex thing that human being endures. Life span brings unpredictability, uncertainty and miracles; things that are beyond human recognition, imagination and explanation. For example, human life in and itself, conception process, life before birth-if there is any, and life after death, as we assume there is one. These are things that human beings are struggling to understand, finding a tangible truth and rational proof with scientific backing.

The conundrum of life is impeccable in the eyes of creator, but in the human life is extremely complex because we human beings like to do away with everything and we over-think everything while some things need simple solution but within the guiding principles. The problem is we don’t want to be within the guiding principles rather everyone want to have his own principles yet to live together and harmless, that is where life becomes complex and conflicts emerges. The simple truth is do the right thing, don’t be greedy, love your neighbor and you love yourself, know and establish boundaries, work hard and be responsible of your life and the lives of other that you are taking charge for. 

In doing so, we use empowerment that uses resourceful information that makes us to attain Knowledge and skills that can and makes our lives easier. Empowerment through knowledge and skills gives us humans self esteem that boosts our confidence in the issues related to life itself and among others. However, self esteem is also obtained in human's faiths and believes. When we speak of faith and belief many tends to think of religion and spiritual belief. That is true, I also may add that faith and belief are also vivid in things and people we, human have trust and faith on. That means psychologically, physically and emotionally people who are close to us in our life such as parents, siblings, relatives, friends and associates, and things that make up our environment. These, tends to have some influence in our life, knowingly or unknowingly, and are psychological aspect of our lives.

Now, that I'm grown, I remember and hear vividly of the courageous, encouraging, empowering and upholding voices of my parents, siblings and few of my loving relatives screaming to me and my brothers that we have potential and that we can literally do anything to prosper and win in life, but the best effective way is to get education, informed and respect for others by not fearing the adversary, rather to learn them and draw a sharp contrast between us and them and prove them wrong, likewise, to learn and admit the very things that we find ourselves to do wrong. This is empowerment within itself. Until we, humans, have the courage to stand for things we believe and trust and to admit our transgressions, we will still have the seeds of arrogance that will potentially grow and drift us away from the purpose of life the endowed by the almighty creator.

Moreover, I also remember the ringing noises of some close family members and so called friends who deliberately have waged and are waging psychological war fare against my family and me so to speak. Psychological conflicts are deadly and effective than physical because by, nature, they are confusing, misleading, distorting, smearing against, and reposition ones standing in the community and on the face of the earth; these are intended effects by the wager.  As a child, if you have someone around who is of presence, which you are supposed to look-up to, and they tell you and others over and over that, "you will never be somebody, rather so and so and you will become their servants", it is a devastating blow to a child and certainly in the teenage and upbringing to adulthood. But, the good thing is I use to go to church at a 7 am mass everyday and I read the Bible, in which my father purchased for me, to children and this made me understand my faith and trust in The Lord God. The magnitudes of psychological fear were alive and effective, but minimal, and became strings as I grew because I managed to draw a sharp contrast and apply the, "serenity" prayer. Also, because of many vicious attacks that my mother endured from my father's family and the so interconnected community we live, some of my uncles, aunts, and cousins were very affirmative toward supporting my mother and, certainly us. What they did and it is so effective in our lives was to give us relevant information, educate us (very successful educated member of family and true believers of the Bible), and empowered us that with faith, trust and faith in God will neutralize the ill psychological war against us. I have seen persistent people, but, to what I see these family members did to us persistently on influencing us to get educated as key to success in life, it was laughable when the psych-war managers tried to somehow instill the belief that we were nothing and we will go no where, certainly me as the first born and stubborn to their standard measures. Some are still arrogant enough to think that I fear or follow their persuasive ways because tactics have changed consistently since early 1980 when this war started.

You know, Africa where I grew up, life is not like Western world life style. To make the matters worse, I grew up in Moshi-Rural, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. Yes, I lived under the communist regime of Mwakimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere, and I experienced effects of his policies of interdependence, poor economic policies, and a much closed community of virtually no right to buy, own or run individual development rather everything had to do with communal settings. Then 1985 came President Ali Hasan Mwinyi who opened the flooding gates of immorality, corruptions and the country became the dump of the world almost. Then, 1995 came President Ben Mkapa, who put corruption on the boom public practice and policies of self-serving through privatized all cooperative owned business to themselves through surrogates or selling for Cheri with lump-sum in their protection. The now, President Kikwete has put corruption on the boom of public practice on the steroids and alter the ruling party CCM meaning into Chukua Chako Mapema (party of Take Yours Early). All these factors life in the interdependence society wasn't especially to, such an outspoken and opinionated person.

As we all know,  not all can't take or handle the truth very well, which is my strength and survival. If you are terrified by the facts and truth do soul searching and serving because the truth and fact will always stand. They always say, "what cannot break you, will make you stronger" and that is vivid brutal reality to those who waged psychological war fair on me.

Now, as to my family in general, like all humans, we are unique toward one another, we understand, perceive and react to things differently. I can tell you this psychological fear is effective and can be detrimental if not understood or take serious as it comes. The hardship is it comes sneaking and in camouflaged faces to inflict confusion, as it is intended. The sad thing is most of Africa are not well empowered to handle psychology and certainly don't know that to win or lose in life is all about psychology. This is due to many factors like all other issues Africa is facing, such as education/illiteracy, doomed tradition (doomed because are inconsistency and resistive to modern technology) and lack of information relative to empower them toward psychology of life as a whole. I'm repeating in this article, again, that my father told me that God gave us human mind as most powerful thing ever, and that it is absolutely imperative to use it wisely, and that's all I'm intended to do here.

I would like to conclude that the enemy you know, can touch, see physically and understand is lesser than the enemy you don’t know, understand or can not touch. I remember, 2003, was a tragedy on one of our African Friend’s and class/college mate here in New York, when he passed. His death was caused by carbon monoxide, during winter time his father started the car inside the garage, while the garage door was closed and the door from the attached garage door opened to the kitchen. The deadly gas traveled throughout the house, suffocating his family while they napped. Sadly, the family of 5 or 6 died. Long story short, carbon monoxide is the silent killer, without smell, hear, touch or feel. Likewise, psychological war-fare is like carbon monoxide, but not as lethal as carbon monoxide. You will feel the wounds and pain after it has already affected you, and sadly, you cannot detect or figure it out how to stop it because of the manipulation and blindness from you are sufficed into. The constant and impending poisons from the ones you love has the greatest influence and how you take it with you, as you grow with time, is the war. The way you win the war is how soon you will notice the poison. Stand strong; believe in yourself and God, of course. If someone tells you, ‘’no,’’ and you believe in it, prove them wrong. You can’t live someone’s life, because life is too precious and short. You have to live your life and if someone does not like it, too bad. No one has control of your brain, heart, spirit, decisions and life more than you. He or she can go live his or her own life. This is not selfish thinking, this is what life was existent for.

Everyone has a purpose and everyone has a role. Rather it is, father, son, mother, sister and etc., it is important to do what your heart stands for. Everyone was born to a mother and father, so doing the best in what you have to offer is living. The first lessons in life are from your family. My grandma used to tell us, that there was a woman that never disciplined or admitted that her son did anything wrong. In dialect, she said that friend used to tell my grandma that, “Kimana Kititi nyiuro kye kuwikia nyaki”. Means that that is how a little child behaves, and the boy attitude became corrupt as he grew because there was no accountability, responsibility or correction of the things that he did wrong. So when this child took what he learned in life out to the real world, he used this sentiment he was raised by, because that was all he knew. Of course, he became a cycle of poison to others and eventually to himself. In reality, children want to learn, are built to learn and need to learn. When adulthood calls, that is where most of the warfare takes place. The response and stimulus can take over. In reflecting the truth, and functional psychology of life, the outcome was that he lasted in jail for the rest of his life because he had no touch with reality of the world under the sun. God bless You. 

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Such a small think. ;-) But such a great idea

Anonymous said...

Life is psychological chase, sometimes known as parable or puzzle; most of the time smart, well informed, well equipped, wise,experienced, logical and rational people can win the psychology of life and the parables or puzzles that brought about by life spectrum itself.