Thursday, January 5, 2012

Is President Obama Dividing the Country?

I have to ask this question. Is Obama dividing the country, as Rush, Hanity' Levin, all GOP primary runners and right wing asserting? What about Santorum as he was pleasing his constituency articulating that government subsidies are only for blacks welfare? Is that unity? Really? In Iowa, the only recipient of welfare or government money, as he asserted in his recent speech, are only black people? By the way I did not see a black person he was referring to as welfare recipients and government free money recipients in his audience or any of his audience in the cocae-state of Iowa. May be I’m color blind, unlike Rick Santorum who speaks of color in articulating his speech. I consider that Read Meat to the majority of his constancy. It is sad but race in the American politics is always the elephant in the room and you can see people working hard trying to wipe out history and ignore the fact that whenever there is race, history always haunts us all. That is why it is always important to do not generalize people because that is what is always known as “stereotyping” and it is bad for whatever circumstances lead up to it

We forgot about GOP sweethearts, oil and farming industries subsidies and rich people's tax cuts as subsidies that contributing taking this country into the financial ditch? Rick Santorum and GOP you can't speak with both sides of the mouth and become credible and unifier as GOP claims to be. Short memory eh...h!!

Let’s speak about race and Black people and Slavery in particular; less than 50 years blacks couldn’t eat, travel, seat, equally contribute to the communities together with white people but all over the sudden the field is plain and ready to compete, less than 50 years. It is mike Tyson fighting a high school contender and expects to worry wining. It is politics as usual, so sad. Why don't they get a paycheck for free job they did to build white house and this great nations if one claims to be the unified like Santorum and GOP Wong, evangelicals that loves God so much but can't dare to face the truth? Please tell me about God, because I grew up in the church.
If you want to be fair so bad why say no for regulations that protects us all? So you don’t even want a police o roam our cities, villages, towns and neighborhood because you don’t believe in regulations? Then why not allow Wall-Street to be regulated and stop attacks on middle class and unfairness to the minorities? Because we have evidence that financial industries is not fair to the minorities at all, it is lie neo-discrimination. White color crime often gets un-propositionally leniency on sentencing compare to small offence that are none-white color crimes, with exception to trafficking. I think that race and economic status has more say to this. It is like Financial Industry that has lobbyists to our law-makers but “We The People” don’t have anyone lobbying for us and when we want one all over the sudden it’s a war and smearing on whatever the kitchen snick GOP can throw out there.
Oh!!! I forgot, wasn’t it Rush, Hanity, US Senator McConnell  and the entire GOP announced right after President Obama’s inauguration that they will do anything to make sure that Obama becomes a one time president and or fail? So what is the surprising thing here about economy and spending if GOP all they said is no and stall everything so that he can fail and become one time president? Even for the very thing that GOP supported, like Senator McCain refuses to support his own bill on Campaign spending simple because such bill interest President Obama. It is like gang, click, cult operation out there and that’s why Congress is at its all time lowest approval rating. It takes two to tangle and that’s how it works in the real world. President Obama’s temperament is the greatest gift this nation ever got because an angry human being with the powers the leader of the free-world reserves and get such lowest human kind treatment this president gets from the GOP will results it awe and chaos, and I sometimes get the feeling that that is what GOP what to paint of the very first black president. I don’t feel love, respect, and cooperation and sensational care of leadership of the person took very political risk to go to another country with nukes and kill Osama Bin Laden who is responsible for 911, SS Cole, US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, my home country. Something that it was politically riskier than anything else a leader of free world could do, especially at the turmoil we are facing I the Arab Spring in the Middle east and North Africa. He could care less and sit around like his predecessors who sought not to take out OBL, even when they had instructive intelligence that he could be taken out under order. Why? Because it was not a simple risk to take. I mean it kinds of hurting and make one to wander what else a human being can do to prove to you that he deserves a fair share?
Look at the birth-certificate issues, it was embarrassing, but some leaders were biting on it in underground just to keep conspiracy theories moving. I mean we are human and we can sense. It is not what we hear only; also what we see, observe and mostly feel that is what matters. We are human, think and feel just like any other human, we see and observe the efforts of someone who is desperate to prove to the world that leadership is quality no matter what; and that is what Obama has been trying to do. Ask yourself what would you have done if everything you say to colleagues who are one third of your governing body says no for 2 years? Yet you are a member of minority and don’t want to feed into the stereotype that the group that you belong don’t qualify such leadership qualities and skills, and you want to prove such stereotype and past history wrong? Let us be realist, it is frustrating, now adding politics, it gets confusing and the ball stays stagnant, that is what is happening in the economy.
Is Obama that un-American for protecting GM and Chrysler? If that is the case then we should have all made in china then, may be that is what some of GOP wanted. No way all GOP can have same views, reactions and values as human representing their vastly diversified regionally constituencies to vote the same all the time for in the senate and house of representative for almost 2 years now. They are human and we are unique, even twins see things differently and can split in some issues, especially the issues that Obama stole from GOP; unless GOP are becoming “Surrogates” like Bruce Wills Movie; then they can defend their consistence “No” votes to all the things that were articulated by Obama. When I say “Surrogates” I mean implying meaning, something that unites GOP to say “No” to Obama for even the very things GOP supports. Mind readers, if any will be surprised to lean what that is. He, Obama, deserves a second chance to and we are willing to give to him. God bless the United Stats of America.  

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