Friday, January 22, 2016

An Important Fatherly Message To Daughter(s).

Fatherhood lifestyle plays a vital role in children's lives, most importantly to our daughter(s). We are their first man they know first hand. Most likely their life partner's choice may fall on the qualities of their fathers, us. It may be deliberate or subconsciously.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Blame The Criminals & Yes, Hold Everyone Accountable Fairly, But Dont Mistreat The Police In This Triangulation

Mr. Donald Trump is known for speaking things that raise people's awareness. His style inserts unspoken taboos to the national /international dialog. For good or bad he gets credit for his ability to make people start talking about the issues he raises. Hate him or love him, history will vindicate him on this very issue.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Human Nature Is Not Monogamous.

The lesson that history has taught, and I happened to lean in the greater length is that time after time the moment you #socialize anything it becomes valueless and doomed to fail. Because human nature is not monogamous, thus cannot react to things as robotic because it is rather unique from one another in all aspects.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year, 2016

Happy New Year, 2016 you Sisters and Brothers. Thanks be to Jehovah, our Almighty God and Creator of all.   As we are alive, breathing, unique and homosapians/human kind, we are destined to develop and opt what works by abandon what don't work.   Thus, in this year, yet again, we are called to learn the year 2015 and prior, by adapt and purify what worked and abandon what failed.   That's the humanity and breathing the Spirit of Jehovah instilled inside us. It is adhering to the call of Jehovah from the get go, since the beginning of the time.  Let this year, 2016, redeem our hearts and souls, yet allow us to assume our place on this mother earth as preparation to our final destination, in heaven, with our Heavenly Father.   Let this year remind us all the importance of soul food that nourish the spirit, as it is of the importance as the food of body that nourish our bodies, which ultimately are the great temple of God housing our souls.  Let the minds and hearts of all the people from all the corners of the world have a commonality in this earthly togetherness be reign in our hearts, minds, blood and flesh.   Let those doubt you, by empowerment of Emmanuel, be self corrected.  Let his fulfillment of his scripture, the Trinity, manifest in our souls and bodies. As he is our Heavenly Father who sent his only begotten Son, Christ our savior, and yet manifest into us as Holy Spirit to aid us be saved at last.   For that we say "Amen", and 2016 shall be the better year yet because we accept our sole purpose and responsibilities with obedience to Jehovah.

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