Saturday, January 16, 2016

Blame The Criminals & Yes, Hold Everyone Accountable Fairly, But Dont Mistreat The Police In This Triangulation

Police, Community Members and Community Leaders are the stake holders of any given community in maintaining order, safety and prevention of any disorderly conducts (crimes). This is what is forming the "Community Triangulation" as standard order. Without such triangulation consensus to everything in the community become toxic and very complex.
Mr. Donald Trump is known for speaking things that raise people's awareness. His style inserts unspoken taboos to the national /international dialog. For good or bad he gets credit for his ability to make people start talking on the issues he raises. Hate him or love him, history will vindicate him on this very issue. 

It is sickening how a small segment of population, Media and Black Leadership is perpetuating that overall "Police Are Bad". The irony is that we Black People need the police than ever and are prone to more police involvement and protection from our own fellow Black Men than any other race. This is due to our famous "No Snitching" and alike taboos in our neighborhoods. We narrowly see police as bad guys, and fail to look at the bigger picture that we need the police. We need them on our side badly.

Sadly as we barrage the police,  we suffer the most for their fear of the aftermath when they try to protect victims of crimes who are blacks. It is an effect that our blind folded leaders and community refused to see and or admit. But to obsessing on scoring political points on our expenses.

At the end, more and more violence and crimes are pilling up in our communities. Then the bigger picture becomes apparent,  poverty, blame game and social economics are generated as vicious cycle of our culture. No wonder we black people are somehow numb of causes of the violent in our communities. No hope for change in our community. The only hope there, is to blame the boogieman, in this case the Police. We can do better than that.

We call police when we are sick, we need help, invaded,  mistreated,  fear for our lives, in the accident, fire e.t.c. But when we get angry for whatever reason or Al Sharpton/our leaders says, we go out about to blame the entire Police for everything we, the community failed to do. Mind you that the Police is only 1/3 of the community triangulation.

Instead, we need to respect ourselves and own our neighborhoods. We have to shield our kids from all the negativity. We need to value education and civil institutions because are parts of our success rate. These need to be our values as greater society. No one will ever come do things for you/us. Violence and what is happening to you/us and our neighborhood or community is due to us and it is passed on naturally since childhood through our own ways of doing things daily culture). To fix our neighborhoods, community and society  look no further than the length of your nose. It begins with you/us.

We don't blame our own communities for "No Snitching Syndrome" that kill us by our own or blame our parenting skills and correct ourselves or blame our leaders who are even more divisive for just their own political and personal gains in our experience or blame ourselves for letting things to get this bad. Let's do things differently. We have done things the same thing for decades, shake it up and do some changes. Without you/us there are no"leaders". You have freedom and liberty. Become a strong an independent thinker on all fronts. Do things without pressure or feeling tied to anything that holds backwards.

Police are human and family oriented people too. They are not robots or some creatures out there from the space. We are asking them to do way too much. We are asking them to be out there looking out for all of us and yet we blame them for things that we created. Put yourself on their shoes. Both our leaders and communities are directly responsible for what is happening in our communities, but somehow they are easily blaming the police for trying to fix or dealing with the mess.

At least equal blame need to go around to our leader, the police/law-enforcement and ourselves as community member as Triangulation toward workable solutions to our problems. Otherwise we can throw blames to police only as Boogieman and situation wont change, rather getting worse as police withdraw from us and our communities. This is serious and we need to have strategic planing and thinking.

Police have feelings, homes and families they need to go back too. If there were no bad guys and gang out there causing harm to innocent people we wouldn't see police as bad when they address these community atrocities. Blame the criminals who have ill intents and do evil things. Not the police who put their lives on the line for innocent people to against the bad guys. But, rightful hold responsible the bad apples within the police force without paint a stereotype or generalize that all police are bad and inset violence.

If police stand off, you may become victim, especially Liberals with loud mouths against  #2 Amendment. You will be in the mercy of your fore and intruder with no protection. Your Liberal Leaders are protected by armed men with heavy guns. How about you? Think twice! Burning a house down because you want to kill a mice is not good strategy or a workable solution even though may make you feel good. It puts you/us in an awkward and certainly more weaker/vulnerable position than we are already are. Instead, set mice traps or hire exterminator.

Common! We have to admit that not all police are bad and certainly not all black people or immigrants or persons of color are bad. Violent and crimes are not part of our gene or DNA as some my admit or portray us. They are just the aftermaths of some serious miscalculations by us all and mostly by our leaders. Go Figure!

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