Friday, January 22, 2016

An Important Fatherly Message To Daughter(s).

Fatherhood lifestyle plays a vital role in children's lives, most importantly to our daughter(s). We are their first man they know first hand. Most likely their life partner's choice may fall on the qualities of their fathers, us. It may be deliberate or subconsciously.

My guess is, every father wants the best for his daughter(s) and their partners to treat them as we wish them to be treated. The critical question is, do we live up to these tasks?  Do we Walk the talk and talk the walk? Do we treat their mothers and women around us with respect? If not, sadly they may see/learn from us that such behavior as usual and accept it from their life partners.

Then, we must enlighten and educate our girls/daughters from the childhood that in life there are #four important dresses that matter to their lives. These are:-
1). School Uniform. School is not about designer outfits competition. Uniform will help out girls to focus on education.
2). Graduation/Cap & Gown. Achievement is to empowering our girls in this comprehensive achievement endeavor.
3). The Wedding Dress. The right choice and that signify dignity and integrity of our girls, so deserving.
4). Maternity Dress. It also signifies life maturity as motherhood value, the beacon of humanity, life.
Even though one didn't get to put on #1, one can still wear #2. Very important.

But, don't allow yourselves to put on the #4, only because someone promised you the #3. Very important to know your place and timing. Life is all about choices. Make right decisions now before it is too late. You are living now and can live tomorrow. You can never live yesterday or even a minute just passed.

Also, life is like a puzzle. Faith in life and its principles, the guidance to everyday choices, gives us the discipline we need to achieve in most puzzles of life.
The more you know.....Go Figure!

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