Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Why Do We Resist Maturity? (Hebrews 2:1-3 & 6:1)

As adults, we encounter many changes, physical, chemical, Spiritual and social. We are prone to mature in the changes we encounter from our birth. Then, why do we resist the maturity?  Hebrews 2:1-3 & 6:1 open-up our spiritual call for maturity and adulthood, and explains why we have to embrace timeline, but we somehow continue to resist it.

Now, in life, Habits/Behaviors are the only things that you work for, yet you get nothing in return, but showing off to others, just that. By the way, fronting/Showing Off is an attribute to the roots of the deadliest sins.

It is imperative to stop falling short so that you reach your full potential,  your God-given talents, which are unique as we are all unique one another. Stop settling for less. You are potential, many, millions, are not here with us today, but you are here. That's all should matter to you.
Hence, this,  reaching your full potential, is possible only by resisting sidetracking temptations, lies and manipulations (Habits & Behaviors) that makes you not realizing your full potential. Don't resist to Grow Up. Fight uphill battles; it's Godly cause.

Mind you that everything Sinful, if you study them well, tend to manipulate us by lies of the bigger grandiose promises. Sin itself it can never deliver as promised. But, only YOURSELF can deliver your unique God-given potential.

The scriptures tell us that sins rather harden our hearts & minds to waste/hell than they softening our hearts and minds for God's Glory. Sins are the traps we need to know so that we cannot stumble and fell in the captivity of the enemy, evil, here under the sun.

Pass on this great news to your loved ones. Become a great FATHER & MOTHER, Parents, you can be. Now you know the steps to become mature and responsible parents. May God Bless you all.

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