Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Human Nature Is Not Monogamous.

The lesson that history has taught, and i happened to lean in the greater length is that time after time the moment you #socialize anything it become valueless and doomed to fail. Because human nature is not monogamous, thus cannot react to things as robotic because it is rather unique from one another in all aspects.

Look at SSA, Schools, Now Healthcare, costs are unbearable and sky rocketing when career politicians try to regulate and socializing them. But markets, with simple supply and demand principle had them fixed and effective based on affordability. We cannot all want or manage or entitled same thing. We are not "Robots". To act so, we commit a great sin to our creator.

The reasons that human are always contrary to one another and always competitive are that we, human, are unique and tend to make opposite decisions and choices based on our unique individualist, selfish, reasons that cannot and will not be regulated. It is in our DNA and spirit that Almighty God pour into us all individually.

Thus, Liberalism, Communism and Socialism are spiral downward and degrade anything they touch. Look at all the countries embrace any of these systems of life as core competence of governance. The are far from great. Their citizens are running from them to America, Capitalist and the envy of the world.

Truth be told, don't let the career politicians fool you. These systems are presented to sound and look good to the general public but, they are Utopia, just that. Go Figure!

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