Thursday, December 1, 2011

Human Services Management Course: Dealing With Unproductive Employees

My situation is when I use to work overnight at my facility one of my core worker use to come and mop the floors and go lay down until morning. I use to work as an AMAP- a person who passes meds, in charge of the shift and overall general welfare of the 12 individuals in the facility. In this instance some behavioral individuals will be getting up, he won’t come until when I call or yell for help. Sometimes it took him sometimes because he puts TV volume up in the living room where he lays down. I reported him twice to the overnight manager but nothing happened to him so I did not bother, because all documentations of overnight shift were mostly documented by me so I was straight.

In the beginning it bothered me so much but as I got use to it, I was doing what is right on my capabilities, so as my chores. Because my chores were visible and evaluated every morning by another AMAP, LPN or RN by signing in and out all mends-narcotic, checklist of all individuals overall well being, checklist of sleeping conditions, checklist of incidents if any, checklist of vital signs, documentation of individuals’ personal files and so on. His chores were in the kitchen preparing lunches and dinner, and cleaning kitchen and dining room.

Some instances, some core workers for the day shift when they were coming in the morning, they were complaining that we, overnights staff don’t get our things done. Sometimes we as an AMAP I was assigned to do laundry and mop the floors, but we use to have some individuals who were getting up very often something that cause me to do not mop the floors all the time, sometimes laundry wont get done all the way. When manager asked me, I use to tell him to check the shift report, read all check lists and IPP books and see how the night was. To mop the floors was difficult because we had so many instances of individuals’ head injuries from falling due to wet floors. So that was not objectionable. I got to the point that I surrendered my AMAP position and as in charge of the shift if they were not checking and balancing the shift responsibilities.

I was employee and shift in charge sometimes after they got rid of governing manager’s position. Sometimes it was unknown, because coordinator will say I’m employee, but RN will say I’m in charge because of the role of passing meds, if incident happens, the responsibilities I have to make phone calls, call for ambulance, give a report to the police who are coming on site, write the shift report, individual repost. For Will brook individuals, they have completely different setting because of their advocacy groups. So it was another set of documentation, and phone calls to their case workers, and advocate group each one is assigned.

Because I have been victim of racial profiling before, it was really difficult to take all these reports I made and managers and RN overview of these reports months after months without noticing something was wrong. I still believe that I was mistreated because of my race, but I was doing what I was assigned on my capabilities and keep all documentation just to cover my back. This has helped me a lot because I was accused falsely by a racist core worker of abusing individuals, when they did investigation they found nothing related to the complains, when they kept an eye on the core worker who reported me they found some allegation of racism and negligence to the individuals, and they fired him. This world is not perfect, but we do what we can and what we love and passionately and move on with life. For example, for the management not doing anything on my complains about the core worker it made me feel like “second class citizen”, also not responding communicated a special meaning to me (Brody, R. 2005, page 367)

I tried to speak to this core worker about this and he told me to do what I’m assigned and leave his assignment alone. Definitely he has some sort of shield from the above, so I plaid smart, just to do what I saw was not harmful to the individuals, or impact individuals, and leave his assignments by himself and the manager who assigned him.

I was not satisfied at all but had to change shift and go to the evening shift, when the core worker was not working that shift I went back to the overnight because it is convenient to me with my school schedules. What helped this situation was my understanding of the position I had, documentation record that I did my job as assigned, and just do my job and move on as life goes on. I will not do the same if it was to do it over again, because many core workers said that I’m na├»ve and they ride on my back for that, so I will just be responsible of my shift and do my work, although this time I will push for more team work and responsibilities to all as a team.


1.         Brody, R. (2005). Effectively managing human service organizations. Thousand Oaks, Calif., SAGE Publications.

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Jesse said...

Those are the worst! You either have to find some way to motivate them, or start searching for a replacement.

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