Friday, December 2, 2011

The Independent Mind:

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This is a must Watch Video Clip. If you don’t see and agree with this truth you really have to question what do you stand for and what are you looking from any politician on the earth. We may not like or agree to this video clip but you lived to see and witness these acts as truth that a politician did in these viciously divisive time in the politics in the modern era. The truth is the truth is the truth and we know it regardless of our ideology, faith and culture as a whole. History will always be that Obama passed healthcare that many presidents failed to pass for their political reasons; he killed Osama and numerous high ranking terrorists and dismantled Al-Qaida networks; he is the first Black president of  the USA surpassing many racial obstacles and prove that America is for all;  he appointed the first woman (of minority) in the US Supreme court; he is facing the great block opposition unanimously from GOP since his inaugural to present, 4 years, even for the very things that GOP-themselves supports; he supported the innocent powerless peoples of North Africa and Middle East to attain the freedom they never had for 4+ decade (Just like President Bush did in Africa and Afghanistan and Iraq) and the dictators are ousted; he inherited the worse economic turmoil times of our generation (although he could have done better and there are things we fundamentally disagree upon); and he is governing at the time that the US Congress is partisan than ever during economic hardship and the housing market is worse in our time.

The truth is, President Obama is a politician like all politicians yet he is has to govern at the unprecedented hardship times we have ever witnessed and he is an American and not like the opponent portray him otherwise. No other Black President we can compare of, no other president did very tough choices at economic hard times like we have we can compare of. All the kitchen tables, utensils and silver-wares are thrown around to disregard these truth, but when we do the soul-searching and ask ourselves what would Senator McCain and Governor Palin would have done if they were elected president, all nerves comes together in to our senses and say oh!!!!!!-boy, Obama is indeed the right president at the right time. Timing matters in everything, and that what everyone need.

As American, we will rise and or fall together, and the choice is ours all. We gave President Bush a second term to finish the War on terror and Iraq; therefore I feel that President Obama needs the same choice to finish the economy-come back and United We Stand. Don’t get it twisted, we disagree in some key issues, such as, the economy e.t.c, and I love President Bush; like wise I agree with some key issues from GOP while disagree with the position of "No To Obama" from inaugural for political reasons while Americans are suffering from the political dread-lock. To move forward we need all political parties to govern and not the applying the philosophy of "my way or high way". No wonder Congress approval it is at all-time lower than anything ever on the political pool in our history. This clip is an awakening, although we don’t want taxes and trust me, no one what to dish-out money to the government willingly and no one wants to see irresponsible people loafing-off others’ success in the name of tax. But in order to govern there must be give-and-take, just like pistons in the motor vehicle engine and or Integrated Circuits (IC) brain of all electronics devices that operates in a manner of give-and-take, good politicians/leaders are not excluded to such principle in order to govern and move forward toward prosperity. That is what is lucking today at Washington and man state capitals, dread-locks. In order to move forward and match toward the mountain-top, as Martin Luther King Jr. said in the “I have a dream Speech, we have to use motion principles like give-and-take also knows known as push-and-pull, and not only giving or for that matter taking, and that is what is missing here. I can’t speculate the motives of such show-down but to say it is a political game, for ordinary American, we will remember that come to the Election Day.

Ask your self, if you were President Obama, what would you have done? Remember he is the president of all Americans, and Congress has the responsibility to all Americans and not only to their constituency, special interests they favor and or political parties they belong/caucusing. If they cannot do the job we sent them to do and all they can blame is president Obama then they fail us all and they cannot do their job. The polls speak to themselves that Congress (all) are not doing what they are suppose to be doing. The good thing is they have only 2 or 4 and or 6 years each to face the voters and they will here the outcry of the American people vigorously regardless of who they are or what political party they represent; that is the beauty of American democracy.

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Anonymous said...

Every one deserve a second chance, eg!!. Good one

Anonymous said...

I think Obama is the politician and he is doing his political thing. As a politician he has accomplish major stuff and Republican opposition since day one "voting as Block" as you said, shows how terrified of him they are. Remember during healthcare debate he went in to Republican or he invited them and challenge each and every one of them one-on-one and make them look like dummies? Republican look like dummies as one-one with Obama and they know that that's why they are all gang on him. But it is a political thing, they know that Obama care and has done more than enough for America, they just dont have guts to say it loud and the world to hear.

Fatherhood Blogger said...

To 2 Anonymous Readers posted in this page, you have said a very Honest and neutral point of our time. I wish our political leaders could be able to understand us, read our minds, and wishes in stead of listening and follow the bogus polls that do not identify us at all rather to wheel certain ideas, policies and politicians.

Thursday, December 8th 2011, to answer the GOP rhetoric that he is appeaser and weak on Foreign Policy, Obama said this "Ask Osama bin Laden and the 22-out-of-30 top al Qaeda leaders who've been taken off the field whether I engage in appeasement," Obama said. "Or whoever is left out there, ask them about that."

"No" is not an answer to the solutions of the problems we are facing, "partisan" agenda, and "spending" is not the way to match forward; and i mean for both parties.