Saturday, September 1, 2012

Gov. Romney Claimed That President Obama Don’t Understand Risk Taking

Gov. Romney Address RN 2012

In the 2012 Republican National Convention Gov. Romney claimed that President Obama doesn’t understand free markets and that growth needs risk takers. He furthered that entrepreneurs need to take risks in business and investments and that is nature of private sector. Also he said that some risks work out well and some don’t turn out the way we projected them to be; and that is the beauty of free markets.

If it is to understand risk taking, both politically and economically, I think by far president Obama is the risk taker than the carefully calculated Gov. Romney. May be President Obama don’t consider much what is it in-return for him personally and his closed door few friends; I agree that he is careless on this because he is peoples president and he has conviction for the little people and all people. The decisions Obama made after GOP said “NO” to everything were way difficult than what Gov. Romney will ever encounter. He once said that he won’t waste time chasing Osama Bin Laden and Latinos will have to go through what he called self-deportation. While Obama took a risk to send our hero arms away to kill OBL and issue an executive order to fairly treat the Latinos who are serving this nation in many ways; we are the nation of immigrants. Can Gov. Romney dare to say Obama don’t take risks that's why economy is not growing fast enough. Really? Obama don't take risks? Unless Romney want to make a White house look like the Wall Street or Bain Capital; whereby Romney's interest is to make his own money and not for the people. President is not the CEO working for the few stakeholders and investors. President is the Commander in Chief responsible for all Americans.

It seems that Romney has sense of entitlement to become president and for some reasons Obama may be he don’t have that same right for whatever reasons. There are talking points intended to speak to certain audience and as analyst i see these talking point mounting higher each day since Obama became president. Gov. Romney is the one looking down for the office of presidency but the first to call out on Obama falsely.  What will President Romney do for the Congress of “NO”? Or a foreign president coming in the White house and talk down to him while liberals running with it against him in praising that particular foreign president? I wonder what he will do. Keep composed and suck it up like Obama did in this case and many more instances in his life? Or publicly repudiating such acts?. Romney is not used to be talked down by others, mistreated by virtually every one at-the-first-place until he proves himself, or be subject to statistics that the society expects him to be a failure or criminal always. He is used to be praised like the Lord, that is the difference between Gov. Romney and President Obama. Remember, what cannot kill you, makes you stronger.

What is so schizophrenic and dole ideas from Gov. Romney is that he has been blaming  President Obama on investing to Solyndra company that did not turn out well. That was one of million risks President Obama took, including sending Navy Seal Six to Pakistan, Capitalizing on ousting Gadhafi, Winding down the Iraq war, Bailing out Wall Street and stop the bleeding jobs from 800,000 jobs a moth to now growth, taking care of our Veterans after the Wars avoiding the nightmares of Vietnam War Vets or Obama Care so that millions cannot live a sickness away to bankruptcy. Gov. Romney wants both way and it is not possible to claim that Obama don’t understand taking risk as a way to spur growth and slamming him for taking these massive risk, both political and economic.  If he did not pass the stimulus he was going to be blamed for the total collapsed economy, now he did he is getting blamed for it by opportunistic people like Gov. Romney.

 We may not remember because we have selective hearing, but the future was so darken when Obama took the office and the same people are blaming him today are the same said "NO" to everything. They went even far and said that their number one job is to make sure Obama Fails so that he could be a one term president. Now they are pretending that they are for your jobs. No, they are for their corporate donors' interests and it is remained to be so 2008, 2009, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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