Sunday, September 23, 2012

“I Like Being Able To Fire People”; Gov. Romney’s Narrative

"I Like Being Able To Fire People" Gov. Romney

He said that he likes to "fire People”. Then later on, he is complaining that he cannot help them because the same people he fired feel that are victims and depends on government. Then, he furthered that these people, 47% Americans, need to take responsibility of their lives. These are good Americans of all creeds. They are old paid in Medicare and Social Security, served in the military to keep us all safe, single parents because husband either served and now are Veterans without help or difficulty life circumstances. Not everyone is as lucky as you are Governor, you got it good and that is a good thing. But, the problem is Gov. Romney wants to become the New President of the United States of America and he feels this way about the people he is about to lead. Narrative that is shocking, look at the links bellow since 1985 when he was the CEO of Bain Capital. In 1985 Gov. Romney Said Bain Capital Would "Harvest Companies for Profit".

Put politics aside, think about someone who has been running for president for the past 7 years and still we are told that he is good when we get to know him. Where can we meet and get to know him and for how long? We can meet him in the Country clubs? That justify him the already cut off 47%  of American people because we can’t make it there. He will be very good president for the top 50% for sure, look at his policies, cut PEL Grants, Cut Taxes for his fellow country club men, cut Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid and introduce vouchers system instead.

Governor, remember that we all pay taxes. When we buy things and service that multimillion corporation’s produces or offer to us we pay out a lot of taxes. We pay for goods and serves that give entrepreneurs and inventors/investors millions; we don’t get them for free as you portrayed us to be. Also we are the most loyal consumers that envy the world because there is no rich country in the world that don’t want to do business, sell their goods and services, to American people. Yes we made you Gov. Romney Rich too. If you were to be not doing business and salvaged the good old American companies, you could never being rich as he is. It is time for him and his pals to start recognizing that we are valuable people and he need to snap-out-of that BURBLE he is living in.

There in one thing to add to this narrative of GOP taxes and welfare stereotype. If lower incomes are welfare because of Medicaid and Taxes subsidies, so as the corporations and their owners like Governor Romney are the corporate welfare vultures too. It goes both ways and no one way. These corporations get turns of billions from government in the form of subsidies, Governor Romney and GOP wealth donors are the biggest beneficiary. When they say cut spending they mean cut off little people we don’t help them in the campaign donation. Look what is Governor proposing more military spending that will go to the corporations.

Furthermore, in observing this narrative, when you see a movement or a group of people voting or agreeing unanimously on more than one thing or bill, remember of zombies and robots. We see Red China and North Korea all raises hands, all bow down, all say one thing and so on. But no single one of them can make an individual decision on these things and stand against the crowd. Sadly that is the GOP of today, all for good 4 years said "NO" to anything Obama administration proposed. Even McCain on his own bill he had proposed ealier, he said no to it simply because this time it came from President Obama. We were told that he is moderate, what about the Healthcare? Obama put into it the very things that GOP proposed during President Clinton era, but still GOP opposed itself. No one is always "wrong", certainly no one is always "right". But politicians will try to brain wash us and tell us otherwise, by using their Houdini tactics I guess. Then we get Mitt Romney who is faking everything; he can’t be himself because he is already cooked. If he can’t be himself now who told you that he won’t be the "Manchurian candidate" kind of president?

You don’t mind, could you answer who is Gov. Mitt Romney? Because Romney changed positions and or flip-flapped on every issue he stood for as successful businessman and GOP governor of Massachusetts. Start from civil union, abortion, universal heal care, foreign policy, economy, and you name it. Only thing one can wonder is why? He want to become president so bad he had to be born again and become severely conservative, it made him to become someone who is not. Politics is cause and need authenticity that will help someone to connect with people. You cannot connect with people if you cannot connect with yourself. That is the problem with Gov. Romney. In his candidacy, no one will remember what he stands for because he is not standing for anything and he is falling for anything. Look at Egypt, Libya abrupt speech, he looked terrible and petrified doing that press release. It was not him, he was told to pitch in and look tough on foreign policy.  In the economy all he is saying is Obama is bad on economy, I’m good because I was successful CEO of Bain (on the other words salvaging steel industries by firing people) so I can turn around the economy. Even a high school student can through that political pitch and win. Tell us how and what is your mind about what you want to do. He is like “no, juts trust me; I’m good in what I do”.

So far we don’t see anything good in what you do as presidential candidate what make you think that you can make a good president? Oh, he was successful in Olympics. But that was Mitt Romney of late1990’ and early 2000’s, he was not “Severely Conservative” and flip-flapped on every issue. Trust me, if there is Olympics now, they won’t even need you anymore for the public record we have about you. No substances on any issue it is just instincts. Compare to Obama record, Romney need to get into substance of his issues and he will see how people will glue to him as magnet. Stop pondering; tell the American people what is it you will do different from what Obama is doing. Don’t mention, just analyze and lead us to the conclusions. Us President Clinton’s analysis that even a layman can understand. Stick to it and aim it like laser. But don’t forget, that is also Obama’s strength, he aims at issues like laser until he nail on them i.e. Osama Bin Laden/AQ terrorist, ending the Iraq Wars, Winning and ending Afghanistan war, Detroit/GM and Chrysler, Stimulus that rescued wall street, ObaMny Care that you championed as governor, Wall-Street regulations, Parts of Dream Act, now recently parts of Job Acts. Good lucky Governor.

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